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(Standard Game - GM: Kevin O'Kelley)

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Posted:Jan 20, 2009 at 1:08 pm
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There has been a call for a draw vote. 3-way A/F/G draw with Italy surviving. Please vote with the Spring deadline. I will announce the results of the vote as soon as I receive 4 yes votes or 1 no vote. So vote early and vote often. (An ode to my Chicago heritage and the new President of the United States, Barack Obama.)

Spring 1912 - Monday January 26, 2009 at 22:00GMT (5pm EST)

F Adriatic Sea Supports F Eastern Mediterranean - Ionian Sea
F Aegean Sea Supports F Eastern Mediterranean - Ionian Sea
A Bohemia - Munich (*Fails*)
F Eastern Mediterranean - Ionian Sea (*Fails*)
A Galicia Supports A Ukraine
A Greece, no move received
A Sevastopol Supports A Ukraine
A Trieste - Albania
A Tyrolia Supports A Bohemia - Munich
A Ukraine Supports A Sevastopol
A Vienna Supports A Galicia

F Apulia Supports F Ionian Sea
A Burgundy - Marseilles
F English Channel Convoys A London - Belgium
F Ionian Sea Hold
A London - Belgium
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Irish Sea
A Picardy - Burgundy
A Piedmont Supports A Venice
A Rome Supports A Venice
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Ionian Sea
A Venice Hold

A Berlin Supports A Munich
A Livonia Supports A Warsaw
A Moscow Hold
A Munich Hold
F North Sea Hold
F Norwegian Sea Hold
A Prussia Supports A Silesia
A Ruhr Supports A Munich
A Silesia Hold
A St Petersburg Supports A Moscow
A Warsaw Hold

F Tunis Supports F Ionian Sea

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