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(Standard - GM: Kai)

Subject:< Dc197 Spring 1914 >
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Posted:Jun 02, 2009 at 8:09 am
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Dc197 Spring 1914

News 1)
The proposed Austrian solo was not successful, so we play on.

News 2)
Austria is away until the 8th i believe so we'll have a slightly longer Fall 1914 deadline, since he is the only one moving his units around.

F Aegean Sea Supports A Bulgaria
A Bohemia Supports A Munich
A Budapest - Galicia
A Bulgaria, no move received
F Gulf of Lyon Supports A Marseilles
A Marseilles Supports A Tuscany - Piedmont
A Munich Hold
A Prussia - Silesia
A Serbia Supports A Bulgaria
A Sevastopol - Armenia (*Fails*)
A St Petersburg - Norway (*Fails*)
F Trieste - Albania
A Tuscany - Piedmont
A Tyrolia Supports A Munich
F Tyrrhenian Sea Hold

F North Atlantic Ocean, no move received
A North Africa, no move received
A Ruhr, no move received
F Tunis, no move received

F Baltic Sea Hold
A Berlin Hold
A Burgundy Hold
A Holland Hold
A Kiel Hold
F Portugal Hold
A Spain Hold

A Norway Hold

A Armenia Hold
A Constantinople Hold
F Greece Hold
F Smyrna Hold

Fall 1914 is due next Thursday 10th June at 7pm, DST* (could be changed when i remember the dates Kevin L told me)

Stephen Lytton
Knight of the Alliance
Moderator of www.diplomaticcorp.com

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