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(Heroes and Villains - GM: Trout)

Subject:< DC196 Heroes And Villains At Peace - 7-Way DIAS Draw Achieved 
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Posted:Feb 17, 2009 at 1:52 am
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After a crisis of dimensional proportions, nothing beats frozen yogurt


Heya all Heroes and Villains. With one abstention due to forced absence, I'm happy to announce that the 7-way draw proposal meets with success. Congratulations to all players for the shared victory. =)

I have to admit, this one was definitely one of the most interesting games I've watched unfold. Russia ends up with one center in the British Isles, Britain occupies the north, Turkey has a presence in Finland, and the central powers tangled up with France throughout the west... Wow.

EOG statements are definitely encouraged. My thanks to all of you for valiantly playing this one out - and we'll see you all in the toons!

By the way - in case you were wondering, all quotes that started off the emails came from The Tick cartoons and comics. So too did the email subject headers - those were all episode titles. Man I loved that cartoon. =P


Little Wooden Boy Trout


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DC196 Heroes And Villains At Peace - 7-Way DIAS Draw Achieved (former.trout) Feb 17, 01:52 am

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