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(Heroes and Villains - GM: Trout)

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Posted:Feb 05, 2009 at 10:12 pm
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Hey, don't knock crazy. The Romans were crazy, and they got all the girls.


A couple surprise moves take place in the Fall 1911 turn - the major one being the port-call that the English fleet makes in Sweden. The English disband the surprised Turks and gain the center but with no free home centers they fail to pick up a build. Meanwhile, Austria and Italy trade off in Greece. The Atlantic remains uncrackable, however.

We do have a couple of adjustments - deadline for Winter 1911 will be set for Saturday, Feb 7th (11:59 PM GMT).

Finally, once more the DIAS proposal has been put forward for everyone's consideration. This would be a seven-player draw, if all agree to it. We'll set the deadline for your yay or nay votes with the Spring 1912 deadline - however if I do receive all seven votes by Saturday I will announce the result.

Don't knock crazy...

Not-Roman Trout

Movement results for Fall of 1911. (DC196 11 FALL)

Austria: F Adriatic Sea Hold.
Austria: A Bohemia - Munich (*Fails*).
Austria: A Marseilles Supports A Munich - Burgundy.
Austria: A Munich - Burgundy (*Fails*).
Austria: A Silesia Supports A Bohemia - Munich (*Fails*).
Austria: A Trieste Hold.
Austria: A Tyrolia Supports A Bohemia - Munich (*Fails*).

England: F Gulf of Bothnia - Sweden.
England: F Norway Supports F Gulf of Bothnia - Sweden.

France: A Gascony Supports F Spain(sc).
France: F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports F Spain(sc) (*Cut*).
France: F Portugal Supports F Spain(sc).
France: F Spain(sc) Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Cut*).

Germany: A Burgundy Hold.
Germany: A Denmark Supports F Gulf of Bothnia - Sweden.
Germany: F English Channel Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean.
Germany: F Helgoland Bight Supports A Kiel.
Germany: A Kiel Hold.
Germany: A Ruhr Supports A Burgundy.

Italy: F Greece Hold.
Italy: F North Africa Supports F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean.
Italy: F Piedmont Supports A Marseilles.
Italy: F Tyrrhenian Sea - Western Mediterranean (*Fails*).

Russia: F North Sea Hold.

Turkey: F Aegean Sea Hold.
Turkey: A Berlin - Kiel (*Fails*).
Turkey: A Bulgaria Hold.
Turkey: A Finland Hold.
Turkey: F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc) (*Fails*).
Turkey: A Livonia Hold.
Turkey: A Moscow Hold.
Turkey: A Sweden - Denmark (*Disbanded*).
Turkey: A Warsaw Hold.
Turkey: F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*).

Unit locations:

Austria: F Adriatic Sea, A Bohemia, A Marseilles, A Munich, A Silesia, A
Trieste, A Tyrolia.
England: F Norway, F Sweden.
France: A Gascony, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, F Portugal, F Spain(sc).
Germany: A Burgundy, A Denmark, F English Channel, F Helgoland Bight, A Kiel,
A Ruhr.
Italy: F Greece, F North Africa, F Piedmont, F Tyrrhenian Sea.
Russia: F North Sea.
Turkey: F Aegean Sea, A Berlin, A Bulgaria, A Finland, F Gulf of Lyon, A
Livonia, A Moscow, A Warsaw, F Western Mediterranean.

Ownership of supply centers:

Austria: Budapest, Marseilles, Munich, Serbia, Trieste, Vienna.
England: Norway, St Petersburg, Sweden.
France: Brest, Paris, Portugal, Spain.
Germany: Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Liverpool, London.
Italy: Greece, Naples, Rome, Tunis, Venice.
Russia: Edinburgh.
Turkey: Ankara, Berlin, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Moscow, Rumania,
Sevastopol, Smyrna, Warsaw.

Austria: 6 Supply centers, 7 Units: Removes 1 unit.
England: 3 Supply centers, 2 Units: Builds 0 units.
France: 4 Supply centers, 4 Units: Builds 0 units.
Germany: 6 Supply centers, 6 Units: Builds 0 units.
Italy: 5 Supply centers, 4 Units: Builds 1 unit.
Russia: 1 Supply center, 1 Unit: Builds 0 units.
Turkey: 9 Supply centers, 9 Units: Builds 0 units.


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