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Subject:< DC260 (Asian): F1909 Adjudication >
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Posted:Dec 10, 2009 at 8:22 am
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No retreats, so we can dive right into Winter 1909. Uzbekhistan, Delhi, Calcutta, and Tibet change hands. India faces one disband. Siberia gains two builds, bringing him to parity with the Indonesian Empire in the south.
Winter will be due tomorrow at 1000 CST.
S1910 is Thursday the 17th at 1000 CST.

A Afghanistan Supports A Uzbekistan
A Bombay Supports F Pakistan
A Mongolia - Beijing
F Pakistan Supports A Bombay (*Cut*)
A Tibet Supports A Mongolia - Beijing (*Cut*)

F Bangladesh Supports F Bay of Bengal - Calcutta (*Fails*)
F Bay of Bengal - Calcutta (*Fails*)
A Borneo Hold
A Calcutta - Kunlun (*Fails*)
F Central Indian Ocean - Bay of Bengal (*Bounce*)
A Chongqing - Tibet (*Fails*)
F East China Sea Supports A Shanghai (*Cut*)
F Jawan Sea - Celebes Sea
F Philippines Supports F East China Sea
F South China Sea Supports F East China Sea
F Seychelles - Central Indian Ocean (*Fails*)
A Shanghai Supports A Chongqing - Tibet (*Cut*)
F Sri Lanka - Bay of Bengal (*Bounce*)

F Hokkaido Supports F Honshu
F Honshu Supports F Hokkaido

F Arabian Sea Supports A Iran - Pakistan
F Caspian Sea - Uzbekistan (*Fails*)
F Eastern Mediterranean - Balkans(sc)
A Iran - Pakistan (*Fails*)
F Iraq - Iran(sc) (*Fails*)
F Oman Supports F Arabian Sea
F Persian Gulf Supports F Iraq - Iran(sc) (*Fails*)
A Sevastopol Supports F Eastern Mediterranean - Balkans(sc)

F Bering Strait - East China Sea (*Fails*)
A Korea - Shanghai (*Fails*)
A Kunlun Supports A Tibet (*Cut*)
A Manchuria Supports A Mongolia - Beijing
F Sea of Okhotsk Supports F Bering Strait - East China Sea
A St. Petersburg - Moscow
A Tien Shan - Delhi
A Urals Supports A St. Petersburg - Moscow
A Ukraine - Balkans (*Fails*)
A Uzbekistan Hold
F Yellow Sea Convoys A Korea - Shanghai

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DC260 (Asian): F1909 Adjudication (AceRimmer) Dec 10, 08:22 am

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