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Subject:< DC 260 (Asian): F1910 >
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Posted:Dec 28, 2009 at 12:30 pm
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Point #1: Draw proposals. One proposal for Indonesia/Siberia. A second proposal for DIAS. Please vote by Wednesday (winter deadline).

F1910R: Tuesday at 1000 CST (only Persia has an order)
W1910: Wednesday at 1000 CST

Fall 1910:

The inexorable shift of power continues to reshape our Asian landscape. The abbreviated version of orders (bounces, holds, etc. omitted) is:

A Tibet dislodged/disbanded
F Balkans dislodged
F Red Sea - Egypt
A Delhi - Kunlun
A Kunlun - Tibet
A Novosibirsk - Kazakhstan
A Ukraine - Balkans

Failing in its convoy to hell (see the Persian orders), the Persian fleet in Balkans may retreat to Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, or OTB.

Assuming Mike does not retreat OTB, the Winter adjustments will be boom times for Siberia (who nets Balkans, Beijing, and Tibet). But can he find five more centers for the solo? Or will a draw vote succeed first?

India: Supp 2 Unit 3 Remove 1
Indonesia: Supp 13 Unit 12 Build 1
Japan: Supp 2 Unit 2 Build 0
Persia: Supp 7 Unit 8 Remove 1
Siberia: Supp 16 Unit 13 Build 3

Fall 1910 Adjudication:

A Afghanistan Supports A Uzbekistan
A Bombay Supports F Pakistan (*Cut*)
F Pakistan Supports A Bombay

F Arabian Sea - Bombay (*Fails*)
F Bangladesh Supports A Calcutta
F Bay of Bengal Supports F Arabian Sea - Bombay
A Calcutta Supports A Tibet - Kunlun
F Celebes Sea Supports F East China Sea
A Chongqing Supports A Shanghai - Tibet
F East China Sea Supports F South China Sea - Shanghai (*Cut*)
F Philippines Supports F East China Sea
F South China Sea - Shanghai (*Bounce*)
F Seychelles Supports F Sri Lanka - Arabian Sea (*Fails*)
A Shanghai - Tibet (*Fails*)
F Sri Lanka - Arabian Sea (*Fails*)
A Tibet - Kunlun (*Disbanded*)

F Hokkaido Supports F Honshu
F Honshu Supports F Hokkaido

F Balkans C Ukraine - Hell (*Dislodged*)
F Caspian Sea Supports A Iran - Uzbekistan
A Iran - Uzbekistan (*Fails*)
F Iraq Supports F Persian Gulf - Iran(sc) (*Fails*)
F Oman - Persian Gulf (*Fails*)
F Persian Gulf - Iran(sc) (*Fails*)
F Red Sea - Egypt
A Sevastopol Supports F Balkans(sc) (*Cut*)

A Beijing Supports A Kunlun - Tibet
F Bering Strait - East China Sea (*Fails*)
A Delhi - Kunlun
A Kunlun - Tibet
A Mongolia Supports A Kunlun - Tibet
A Moscow - Sevastopol (*Fails*)
A Novosibirsk - Kazakhstan
F Sea of Okhotsk Supports F Bering Strait - East China Sea
A Urals - Moscow (*Fails*)
A Ukraine - Balkans
A Uzbekistan Hold
A Warsaw Supports A Ukraine - Balkans
F Yellow Sea - Shanghai (*Bounce*)

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