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Posted:Jan 16, 2010 at 4:08 pm
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lol nope, just want the game over -- gone on WAY too long already and the outcome is very obvious

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 3:12 PM, Gerald Todd <sgttodd(at) ([email]sgttodd(at)[/email])> wrote:

You want some cheese with that wine?

Anthony and Trish Stevens wrote:

[quote:5ee9b0a469] I am not sure who keeps voting "no" on a frace/russia win with all surviving countries geting a survival credit, but this game has to end very soon. I am in the middle of my first winter blitz game, in another game on the crowded varient (I am Spain), the FCATs are comng close (Florida's State Standardized Tests for students), IEPs up the wazoo (Individual Education Plans) -- I need smething to gve me a little break. As long as it wasn't Russia voting "no", the game is finished.
 Let's get this game in the books. Russia/Italy, push Turkey the limit. Take as many centers as you can get. England wants a survival credit, so I will keep him in London.
 Turkey, you don't want to be the next Austria and Germany. Vote for the EOG!


This message is in reply to post 13919:

Once again, we have a failed proposal pass us by. This time, however, time has finally run out on our Austrian friend. Thanks for stepping into a desperate situation and making the best out of it.

Since the only retreat needed is from Austria, we'll move straight into the winter. You can see the stats down at the bottom.

A Vienna - Budapest (*dislodged*)

F Picardy Holds
A Bohemia Holds

F London - Yorkshire
F English Channel Holds
F Brest Holds
A Holland - Kiel
A Munich Holds
A Belgium Holds
F Tunis Holds
F Spain - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Piedmont Holds

A Trieste Holds
F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea
F Ionian Sea - Eastern Mediterranean
A Venice Supports A Trieste

F Edinburgh Holds
F Denmark Holds
F North Sea Holds
F Baltic Sea Holds
A Silesia Holds
A Galicia - Vienna
A Budapest Supports A Galicia - Vienna
A Rumania Supports A Serbia
A Serbia Holds
F Black Sea Supports F Armenia - Ankara
F Armenia - Ankara (*bounce*)

F Aegean Sea Supports A Bulgaria
A Albania - Serbia (*fails*)
A Bulgaria Supports A Albania - Serbia
A Constantinople Supports A Smyrna - Ankara
F Greece Supports A Bulgaria
A Smyrna - Ankara (*bounce*)

Austria's A Vienna may retreat to Tyrolia or OTB (it'll be coming off anyway, so I'll assume that and move on)

Next Deadline:
Winter 1907 is due Tuesday, January 19, noon CST.

Austria: 0 sc's - 1 unit = remove 1
England: 1 sc's - 2 units = remove 1
France: 11 sc's - 10 units = build 1
Italy: 5 sc's - 4 units = build 1
Russia: 12 sc's - 11 units = build 1
Turkey: 5 sc's - 6 units = remove 1


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