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Posted:Feb 14, 2010 at 9:31 pm
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Hey everyone,

Sorry about all of that. Hectic week. People are starting to get a little sloppy with deadlines now, three missed deadlines in same turn. Mark, Tim and Jeff are all without their grace periods, so be extra careful. I suggest that all of you send me preliminary orders as soon as you get each deadline, to avoid missing the deadline. If you want to change your orders later just send them in, or extend the deadline if you need to. With that being said, here are the orders:

Build waived

Remove F Helgoland Bight
Remove F Yorkshire

Build A Warsaw

The spring 1907 deadline will be set for ***Friday, February 19th, 9:00pm EST*** if this doesn't work for anyone let me know. Going with a shorter time period to compensate for the long winter, and hopefully with it right around the corner you will keep it in your minds and not miss the deadline.

Ctry : Russia
Name : Tim Fuhrmeister
Email : timfuhrmeister(at)hotmail.com ([email]timfuhrmeister(at)hotmail.com[/email])
Ctry : Italy
Name : Fredrik Blom
Email : fredrik(at)familjenblom.se ([email]fredrik(at)familjenblom.se[/email])
Ctry : Germany
Name : Jeffrey Cole
Email : jeffcole854(at)gmail.com ([email]jeffcole854(at)gmail.com[/email])
Ctry : France
Name : Mark Utterback
Email : MDemagogue(at)gmail.com ([email]MDemagogue(at)gmail.com[/email])
Ctry : Austria
Name : Ross Yaggy
Email : ross826(at)gmail.com ([email]ross826(at)gmail.com[/email])

Happy Valentines Day! and get those orders in!


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