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Posted:Apr 06, 2010 at 8:21 pm
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Hey everybody,

Guess who is right on time this turn? I am back on track, and thank you for getting adjustments in on time those of you who had them. We move on to a new decade, 1910, and with it comes a number of draw proposals that will need to be voted for along with spring orders this turn. Here they are:

Build F Trieste

Remove A Holland

Here are the proposed EoG draws:

DIAS with Russia and Austria victory
DIAS with Russia, Austria and Italy victory
DIAS with Russia, Austria and France victory
DIAS with Austria and France victory
DIAS with Austria, France and Italy victory

If you can send me a "yes" or "no" vote for each individual draw proposal that would be great. Not sure what the chances are of multiple draws passing, but if that does indeed happen I will check the rules and make sure I take the appropriate action.

You had a decent amount of time for the winter period to negotiate, but there are a few EoGs that need to be voted for, so I'll make the spring 1910 deadline ***Saturday, April 10th, 9:00pm EST*** If this doesn't work for anybody let me know and I can add time or whatever is necessary.

Ctry : Russia
Name : Tim Fuhrmeister
Email : timfuhrmeister(at)hotmail.com ([email]timfuhrmeister(at)hotmail.com[/email])
Ctry : Italy
Name : Fredrik Blom
Email : fredrik(at)familjenblom.se ([email]fredrik(at)familjenblom.se[/email])
Ctry : France
Name : Mark Utterback
Email : MDemagogue(at)gmail.com ([email]MDemagogue(at)gmail.com[/email])
Ctry : Austria
Name : Ross Yaggy
Email : ross826(at)gmail.com ([email]ross826(at)gmail.com[/email])

Have a great week everyone! Don't forget to vote with your spring 1910 orders!


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