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Posted:Feb 25, 2010 at 9:19 pm
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Good evening,

We have another turn with no Russian activity. I have been in contact with you Tim, so I don't think there is a need to find a replacement unless you think you need one. Fortunately for you, you have not really been getting attacked. Going into this winter, France is the only country that gained or lost supply centers, gaining 2 of them. So good job Mark. And even with a dormant Russia, Russia still leads the SC count. Here are all the details:

A Budapest Supports A Serbia
A Bulgaria Hold
F Greece - Ionian Sea
A Naples - Rome
A Rome - Tuscany
A Serbia Supports A Bulgaria
A Trieste - Venice
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
A Vienna Hold

A Belgium Supports A Burgundy - Ruhr
A Burgundy - Ruhr
F Clyde Supports A Yorkshire - Edinburgh
A Holland Supports A Kiel (*Ordered to Move*)
F London - North Sea (*Fails*)
A Marseilles - Spain
F Western Mediterranean - Gulf of Lyon
A Yorkshire - Edinburgh

A Kiel - Munich
A Tyrolia Supports A Kiel - Munich

A North Africa Hold
F Tunis - Western Mediterranean

F Baltic Sea, no move received
A Berlin, no move received
F Black Sea, no move received
F Constantinople, no move received
A Denmark, no move received
A Munich, no move received (*Disbanded*)
F North Sea, no move received
F Norwegian Sea, no move received
A Rumania, no move received
A Silesia, no move received
A Ukraine, no move received
A Warsaw, no move received

Austria: Budapest, Bulgaria, Greece, Naples, Rome, Serbia,
Trieste, Venice, Vienna.

France: Belgium, Brest, Edinburgh, Holland, Liverpool,
London, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, Spain.

Germany: Kiel, Munich.

Italy: Smyrna, Tunis.

Russia: Ankara, Berlin, Constantinople, Denmark, Moscow,
Norway, Rumania, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Sweden,

Austria: Supp 9 Unit 9 Build 0
France: Supp 10 Unit 8 Build 2
Germany: Supp 2 Unit 2 Build 0
Italy: Supp 2 Unit 2 Build 0
Russia: Supp 11 Unit 11 Build 0

Well, I'm going to be gone until Sunday afternoon, and we only need adjustments from France, so I'll make the Winter 1907 deadline ***Sunday, February 28th, 9:00pm EST*** Even though it's just the winter turn, I highly urge all of you to begin negotiations for the spring now, and if you want to be really on the ball, send me preliminary orders ASAP. I want to see no NMRs next turn. They'll go on your permanent record.

Ctry : Russia
Name : Tim Fuhrmeister
Email : timfuhrmeister(at)hotmail.com ([email]timfuhrmeister(at)hotmail.com[/email])
Ctry : Italy
Name : Fredrik Blom
Email : fredrik(at)familjenblom.se ([email]fredrik(at)familjenblom.se[/email])
Ctry : Germany
Name : Jeffrey Cole
Email : jeffcole854(at)gmail.com ([email]jeffcole854(at)gmail.com[/email])
Ctry : France
Name : Mark Utterback
Email : MDemagogue(at)gmail.com ([email]MDemagogue(at)gmail.com[/email])
Ctry : Austria
Name : Ross Yaggy
Email : ross826(at)gmail.com ([email]ross826(at)gmail.com[/email])

Have a good weekend everyone, and GET THOSE ORDERS IN! I mean it,


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