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(Ancient Mediterranean)

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Author:blueraider0 at gmail.com
Posted:Mar 31, 2010 at 7:23 am
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It should be noted, Rome got only one build because Roma was occupied (and controlled) by Carthage.  So Rome has one less unit than it can supply.  SC graph is below.  Remember, to win you need 18 depots, just like in the standard version (its an interesting coincidence).
Build A Ravenna

Remove F Roma
Remove F Black Sea
Remove A Illyria
Build F Thebes
Build F Alexandria Rome:      Supp  7 Unit  6 Build  0
Carthage:  Supp  4 Unit  4 Build  0
Persia:    Supp  9 Unit  9 Build  0
Greece:    Supp  2 Unit  2 Build  0
Egypt:     Supp 12 Unit 12 Build  0

Spring 296 deadline is Tuesday, 4/6 at 5 PM EST.
Take care!
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