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(Ancient Mediterranean)

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Posted:Apr 16, 2010 at 10:20 pm
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I'm confused by the map.  In spring, there was a persian army unit present in chersoneus and dacia, how is a persian army in rhaetia?

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 9:59 PM, Alex Maslow <blueraider0(at)> wrote:

Interesting turn.  Sadly, 1 NMR.  We couldn't have a perfect record forever, folks.  Sam I've looked and looked but cannot find any orders from you.  If you think you've been wronged, forward me your orders along with my reciept.  But I've checked and I've checked and cannot find anything.  You have until th nt deadline to correct me.

As it stands, Sam has been defeated.  Thanks for hanging in there - always appreciated to have someone wiling to play to the bitter end.  I'll take you off the mailing list for this game unless you alert me otherwise.

In a strange turn of events, Roma is still under Carthagian control.  Greece will lose the fleet in Ionan, but no one else needs to disband.  Orders below, builds and deadline further down.
A Dalmatia - Illyria (*Bounce*)
A Neapolis - Sicilia
A Roma - Neapolis
F Sardinia Hold
A Tarraconensis - Saguntum (*Bounce*)
F Tyrrhenean Sea Supports F Sardinia
F Berber Sea - Baleares
A Mauretania - Saguntum (*Bounce*)
F Punic Sea - Sardinia (*Fails*)
F Aegean Sea Convoys A Byzantium - Athens
A Byzantium - Athens
A Chersonesus - Sarmatia
A Dacia - Illyria (*Bounce*)
F Macedonia Supports A Byzantium - Athens
F Minoan Sea Supports F Aegean Sea

A Sarmatia - Rhaetia
A Sinope - Chersonesus
A Tyre Hold
A Athens, no move received (*Disbanded*)
F Ionian Sea, no move received
F Alexandria - Libyan Sea
A Carthage Hold
A Cirta Supports A Carthage
A Crete Hold
F Egyptian Sea Supports A Crete
F Gulf of Tacape Supports F Libyan Sea - Ausonian Sea
A Jerusalem - Tyre (*Fails*)

F Libyan Sea - Ausonian Sea
F Messenian Sea - Ionian Sea (*Fails*)
A Numidia Hold
F Sparta Supports A Byzantium - Athens
F Thapsus Supports A Carthage

Rome:  Build 1
Persia:  Build 2
Egypt:  Build 1
Carthage:  Stable
Greece:  Remove 1 *Eliminated*
Thanks again to Sam for playing.  Deadline for builds in Monday 4/19 at 8 PM EST.

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