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(Ancient Mediterranean)

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Posted:Apr 07, 2010 at 2:22 pm
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Lots of movement, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Rome is recaptured, Carthage is taken, and the sea is swarming with Egyptian boats.  Good thing the Exodus happened a thousand years beforehand, or else that parting of the sea trick wouldn't have done much good (sorry, Passover just ended - had to do it)!
There's also an error on the map.  I accidentally clicked "Dacia" but ought to have clicked "Sarmatia".  I've corrected the error below, but can't edit the map until the retreat is resolve.  There is a Persian army in:
Sarmatia, Chersonesus and Sinope (and NO Persian unit in Galatia).
The map will be corrected when the retreat is sent out.  Yes, we have one retreat.
A Dalmatia - Illyria (*Bounce*)
A Massilia - Tarraconensis
A Neapolis - Sicilia (*Bounce*)
A Ravenna - Roma
F Sardinia - Berber Sea (*Fails*)
F Tyrrhenean Sea - Sicilia (*Bounce*)

F Ausonian Sea - Punic Sea
F Berber Sea Supports A Saguntum - Mauretania (*Cut*)
A Carthage - Thapsus (*Disbanded*)
A Saguntum - Mauretania Persia:
F Aegean Sea - Sparta (*Fails*)
F Byzantium - Macedonia
A Chersonesus - Sarmatia
A Dacia Supports F Byzantium - Macedonia
A Galatia - Sinope
A Miletus - Byzantium
F Minoan Sea Hold
A Sinope - Chersonesus
A Tyre Hold

A Macedonia - Illyria (*Dislodged*) [May retreat to Athens or Epirus or OTB]
F Sparta - Ionian Sea Egypt:
F Alexandria - Libyan Sea
F Athens(ec) - Sparta
A Cirta Supports A Mauretania - Carthage
A Crete Hold
F Egyptian Sea Supports A Crete
A Jerusalem Hold
F Libyan Sea - Gulf of Tacape
A Mauretania - Carthage
F Messenian Sea Supports F Athens(ec) - Sparta
A Numidia Hold
F Thapsus Supports A Mauretania - Carthage
F Thebes - Alexandria

Only one retreat:  Macedonia needs to retreat to Athens or Epirus or OTB.  Sam, you have until Friday 5 PM EST but the sooner the better, obviously.
Take care, and let me know if I made any errors.

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