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Subject:< [DC 328] Fall 1903 Abjudication >
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Posted:Jul 22, 2010 at 2:50 am
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Here's the much awaited Fall Abjudication. I understand some of you might have been concerned over the delay. I just turned 21 over the weekend, had a massive celebration that resulted in a hangover on Monday, and work piled up on Tuesday and Wednesday. That's the long story cut short Smile

Fall 1903, Austria is no more. In the north, England finally ousts Russia from Scandivania. English and French fleets wrestle for control of the Mid Alantic to no avail again. Germany throws some support to Italy but Italy seems to be looking elsewhere. Turkish fleets force Italy to retreat out of the Ionian under a barrage of heavy support.

Fall 1903 Orders

F English Channel - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Bounce*)
F North Sea Supports F Norwegian Sea - Norway
F Norwegian Sea - Norway
A Picardy - Brest (*Fails*)
F Sweden Supports F Norwegian Sea - Norway

F Brest Supports F Portugal - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Cut*)
A Gascony Supports A Marseilles - Burgundy
A Marseilles - Burgundy (*Bounce*)
A Paris Supports F Brest
F Portugal - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Bounce*)

F Kiel - Berlin
A Munich Supports A Ruhr - Burgundy
A Ruhr - Burgundy (*Bounce*)
A Silesia Supports A Vienna - Galicia (*Void*)
F Skagerrak Supports F Sweden

F Albania - Greece (*Bounce*)
A Budapest Supports A Trieste - Serbia (*Cut*)
F Ionian Sea Supports F Albania - Greece (*Dislodged*)
A Trieste - Serbia (*Fails*)
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Ionian Sea
A Vienna Supports A Budapest

A Finland Supports F Norway - Sweden
A Galicia - Budapest (*Fails*)
F Norway - Sweden (*Dislodged*)
A Prussia - Warsaw
F Rumania Hold
A St Petersburg - Livonia

F Aegean Sea Supports F Greece - Ionian Sea
A Bulgaria - Greece (*Bounce*)
F Eastern Mediterranean Supports F Greece - Ionian Sea
F Greece - Ionian Sea
A Serbia - Albania (*Fails*)


Italian F Ionian Sea can retreat to Tunis or Naples or Apulia or
           Adriatic Sea.
Russian F Norway can retreat to Barents Sea or St Petersburg(nc).

Autumn Deadline will be set to Thurs 29th July 13:00 GMT

Your newly turned 21 GM,

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