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Posted:Aug 25, 2010 at 11:24 am
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After seeking the advice of fellow GMs, and much considering, I have decided that there will be no replacement for Turkey. Turkey's units will henceforth be placed in Civil Disorder.

This is taken directly from the Diplomaticcorp Default House Rules.

If a player NMRs for 2 consecutive seasons (Spring or
Fall), the country is placed in Civil Disorder (CD). Countries in Civil
Disorder will have all their units hold. Units will disband if dislodged and no
extra units will be built. The GM will
remove the player from the game and may
choose to seek a replacement or just leave the country in Civil Disorder.


A Bohemia - Vienna

Winter Adjustments


Austria:   Supp  0 Unit  0 Build  0
England:   Supp  5 Unit  6 Remove  1
France:    Supp  5 Unit  5 Build  0
Germany:   Supp  6 Unit  5 Build  1
Italy:     Supp  8 Unit  7 Build  1
Russia:    Supp  6 Unit  5 Build  1
Turkey:    Supp  4 Unit  5 Remove  1

As per house rules, the Turkish Fleet in the Ionian will be removed from the board as it is the furthest away from a Turkish home supply centre.

Deadline for Winter 1904 will be Sunday, 29th August 2010, 13:00 GMT


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