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Posted:Aug 26, 2010 at 8:59 pm
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Hi all,
You all have received an End Game Proposal(EGP) from Hac for a 5 way draw (DIAS-Draw Including All Survivors.)

If the vote is successful, it means that all players, with at least one SC under their control will share in the Draw, and the game ends.
If the vote is unsuccessful, the game will continue on as per normal.
All EGP votes follow a closed voting format, that is to say, your votes are secret. For your vote to be recognised, send it as a personal mail to me, OR you can send it with your orders for that season. Any "open" votes will not be recognised. This is so that players are free to make promises to vote yes/no, and vote something else secretly.
For the vote to be successful, I must receive a YES vote from every surviving player in the game so far. A non-vote will be counted as a NAY vote.
This EGP will be up for voting from now till the next adjudication, i.e. with 1904 Winter Builds.
You can always propose EGPs at any time of the game, and I will schedule the voting time(usually between one abjudication to another)
IMPORTANT: some GMs rule that EGPs can be proposed without a vote HOWEVER that's not how it works with my games.
Anyone that proposes an EGP, automatically, that is by default, votes IN FAVOR OF the EGP. Therefore if someone wants to propose an EGP but wants to vote against it for whatever reason, he needs to make that NAY vote explicit.

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[DC 328] Declaring a draw (dreamsynergy) Aug 26, 08:59 pm

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