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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Hello Diplomats --

This broadcast is to clarify Turkey's position with Austria so that no doubts will remain in the public domain. Despite the Archduke's desire to create confusion in the Southeast, Turkey considers herself in a state of war with Austria. Moreover, Turkey supports the efforts of her good ally Russia to hold off the Austrian, and Turkey supports her good friend Italy in that country's efforts to forestall the Austrian's misguided aggression in the Adriatic and southern Mediterranian.

Moves submitted by Austria -- such as the support for Turkey's AEG fleet into Bulgaria last round -- are simply an attempt to create disharmony and suspicion between Russia, Italy, and Turkey. The Sultanate remains committed to friendship and alliance with the Russian and the Italian governments in order to see through to the end the destruction of the Austrian state.

If this broadcast seems in any way ambiguous to any recipient, please contact Turkey and I will be glad to answer by broadcast any remaining issue.

-- Mustard.

Michael Sims <mike(at)southwall.com> wrote:

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comSurprisedfficeSurprisedffice" /> st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) } 2 units are dislodged in this our special “day-after-christmas” results!

Russian F StP can only retreat to GoB.
Italian A Mar can only retreat to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comSurprisedffice:smarttags" />Burgundy.

Italy: A Marseilles - Burgundy
Russia: F St Petersburg(sc) - Gulf of Bothnia

England: Build 1
France: Remove 1
Germany: Build 1
Italy: Build 1
Russia: ** May opt to remove the retreat and build in Mos or War instead **
Italy: ** May opt to remove the retreat and build 2 units instead **

All BUILDS due Friday 12/28, 2pm Pacific

F Adriatic Sea - Venice (*Fails*)
A Budapest - Rumania (*Fails*)
F Greece Supports F Aegean Sea - Bulgaria(sc) (*Void*)
A Piedmont Supports A Spain - Marseilles
A Serbia Supports F Greece

F Belgium - English Channel (*Fails*)
F English Channel - Brest (*Bounce*)
F North Sea Convoys A Yorkshire - Norway
F Norway - St Petersburg(nc)
A Yorkshire - Norway

A Gascony - Brest (*Bounce*)
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Portugal
A Spain - Marseilles
F Western Mediterranean - Gulf of Lyon

F Baltic Sea - Livonia (*Fails*)
A Burgundy - Paris
F Finland Supports F Norway - St Petersburg(nc)
A Picardy Supports A Burgundy - Paris
A Ruhr - Kiel
A Silesia - Warsaw (*Bounce*)

F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc)
F Ionian Sea Supports A Constantinople - Greece
A Marseilles Supports F Gulf of Lyon - Spain(sc) (*Dislodged*)
A Venice Hold

F Bulgaria(ec) Supports A Rumania
A Livonia - Warsaw (*Bounce*)
A Rumania Supports F Bulgaria(ec) (*Cut*)
A Sevastopol Supports A Rumania
F St Petersburg(sc) Hold (*Dislodged*)

F Aegean Sea Convoys A Constantinople - Greece
F Black Sea - Constantinople (*Fails*)
A Constantinople - Greece (*Fails*)

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