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(Standard - To Heir Is Human)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Hello to All

Thanks to Mike for his excellent gming. I really liked the fast pace and would quite happily sign up for another game that moved at the same pace.

A quick EGS - please accept these were my thoughts at the time and are of course entirely unrelated to anybody's real life personalities etc just how I saw the game going. I suppose I started off at a bit of a loose end because of Italy's rep waiting to see what would happen which I think was a mistake. Obviously pleased to see France go North. Less pleased to be attacked twice by Austria who wasted no time. Amused to be invited into an EGI alliance by Germany against Fra - I wrote back saying "yes" and then Germnay wrote back saying he was deciding whether to join the alliance and would let me know - it was his idea - fortunately eventually he decided to join his own alliance.

Meanwhile in the East Turkey was battering Russia for all he was worth and Russia was getting a persecution complex - I was convinced R was doing whatever Austria said, couldn't work out why and was getting frustrated that he wouldn't attack Aus who was making good progress but I suppose you can understand it in the face of Turkey's non-stop aggression combined with his silence or occasional terse communication.

Meanwhile having said I'd join an EGI I was obliged to move against Fra which I was a bit nervous about doing as Aus was still kicking lumps out of me and so I tried to go as slowly as possible but Andrew in Eng showed alot of patience especially with Fra in his scs. Meanwhile begged Ger (my ally) for help with Aus. Got nowhere. Ger did a fantastic "oh Austria assured me that you know what he's doing so no need for me to intervene" - but he's invading my territory - "nothing to worry about" says Ger - With allies like these...So became convinvced that Aus and Ger were in a tight alliance and the EGI was a cover to delude us all. Yet again I was completely wrong but did my hardest diploming work trying to get Fra and Eng to put their differences behind them an attack Ger (sorry Lawrencelot) and Russia and Tur to make up and attack Aus. No luck in the West which in retrospect was a good thing for me but amazingly Russia and Turkey put their differneces behind them (and Dan discovered the lost art of writing letters) and formed a solid alliance against Aus that lasted one whole move (I was very proud of that one move) before Russia decided we couldn't be trusted and went back into his inscrutable shell to be picked apart by my Western allies.

Of course the pivotal event now was Aus going into CD which was a pity even though without it I'd never have a have a part of a draw. After that it was just a process of watching one's allies closely and combining against one's enemies. I was convinced for ages that Lawrencelot was going to go for a solo and be stopped by Andrew in Eng who would then go for one himself but that proved not to be the case - were they both waiting for the other to make the commital move or did it never cross their minds, honourable men that they both doubtless are - we'll never know well unless they tell us - certainly neither of them tried to turn me against the other which I was hoping for for a while. Was quite happy to have a four way draw with T but E and G less convinced and after E's elegant threat (just casually mentioning the different size of our forces and what would happen if...) I decided that my loyalties lay with the strong and stabbed poor Turkey. Sorry, Dan - I felt bad for moments afterwards. And that was it. Pleased to get to a draw especially not having a clue what was going on for much of the time. A very enjoyable game. Thanks to everyone for playing.

All the best

Dom (Italy)

Subject: dc133 To Heir is Over!
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 15:08:36 -0800
From: mike(at)southwall.com
To: alexanderhydes(at)yahoo.co.uk; former.trout(at)gmail.com; dc133(at)diplomaticcorp.com; wtfleming(at)hotmail.com; stevelytton(at)hotmail.com; laurensbliek(at)hotmail.com; domandcarol(at)hotmail.co.uk; damienthryn(at)gmail.com; aefgirt7(at)yahoo.com; gaius.iulus(at)yahoo.com

Dc133 (To Heir Is Human) officially ends in the Winter of 08, with a 3-Way-Draw between England, Germany, and Italy!


Tied 1st: England (Andrew)
Tied 1st: Germany (Laurens)
Tied 1st: Italy (Dom)
4th: Turkey (Dan), 4-SC Survival
5th: Russia (Will), Eliminated 07
6th: France (Alex): Eliminated 06
7th: Austria (Gaius): Civil Disorder 05

Congrats to all - especially the final trio! Hope to see you in another game soon, and if any of you are interested in trying on the GM hat let me know... we always need willing souls to run games -- it's probly a lot less effort than you think. Hopefully everyone will have some thoughts to put into an EGS (end-game statement) and send to the group. Just to share all the dirt that's transpired throughout.

A fast game, only 120 days, a bit under 4 months... Keeping to our quick pace that we set early on, it was only 15 days per year... whereas most games tend to run about 20+ days per year. What's your take on the quicker pace?


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