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Subject:< DC 333, Spring 1908 >
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Posted:Dec 29, 2010 at 2:49 pm
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Hi folks,


Apparently interest has waned for a couple of our participants. No orders from France or Italy. By the house rules this puts France into Civil Disorder, and he will be credited with abandoning a game. Italy submitted an order last fall, so not in CD yet.


The R/T/F draw proposal fails. Turkey rejoices as France quits and leaves him some easy pickings. I'm not sure if anything can stop him now.....


Two retreats are needed, one from England and one from France. The French unit will disband because of the CD status, but I need one from England (see below). It will be due in two days, on December 31 at 17:00 MST. It's two days because I won't be around tomorrow.... and I expect I will make Fall 08 due a few days after that, probably on the 3rd of January. Salim, if I get the retreat today I can adjudicate early.



F Edinburgh - Norwegian Sea (*Bounce*)
F English Channel - North Sea (*Dislodged*)
A London - Wales


F Gulf of Lyon Hold (*Dislodged*)
A Marseilles Hold
A Picardy Hold
F Western Mediterranean Hold


F Brest Hold


F Belgium - English Channel
F Clyde - Liverpool
F Denmark Supports F North Sea
A Munich - Burgundy
F North Sea Supports F Belgium - English Channel
F Norway - Norwegian Sea (*Bounce*)
A Prussia - Silesia
A Ruhr - Belgium
F Sevastopol Hold
A Silesia - Munich
A Ukraine Supports F Sevastopol


F Adriatic Sea Supports F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea
F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea
F Black Sea Convoys A Constantinople - Rumania
A Budapest Supports A Rumania - Galicia
A Constantinople - Rumania
F Ionian Sea - Tunis
A Piedmont - Marseilles (*Fails*)
A Rome - Venice
A Rumania - Galicia
A Smyrna - Armenia
A Tunis - North Africa
F Tuscany - Gulf of Lyon
A Tyrolia - Bohemia
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Tuscany - Gulf of Lyon



English F English Channel can retreat to Mid-Atlantic Ocean or
           Irish Sea or London.
French F Gulf of Lyon can retreat to Spain(sc).



There you go. Maps are attached. Have fun.



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