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Posted:Dec 30, 2010 at 2:04 pm
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Hi folks,


We have a new France. Dorian Love has agreed to step in... thanks Dorian. I couldn't put France in CD considering the situation, so we'll go on from here with our new volunteer.


The game is still at the summer 08 season, waiting for retreats from England AND FRANCE, which I'm going to allow because noone is going into Civil Disorder.  Retreats possible are pasted below this paragraph. I'm going to give until Monday January 3, 2011, 17:00 MST for discussions to take place before I adjudicate that summer turn, so you've all got a few days to chat.


English F English Channel can retreat to Mid-Atlantic Ocean or
Irish Sea or London or OTB.
French F Gulf of Lyon can retreat to Spain(sc) or OTB.


Here is the new player list for those active in the game.


ID : alhabashi
Ctry : Russia 0
Name : jim tapp
Email : naamanbathing(at)yahoo.com
Location : abercarn, GB

ID : fencertim
Ctry : Turkey 0
Name : Timothy Crosby
Email : tim_crosby(at)hotmail.com
Location : Gainesville, FL, US

ID : MunkMunk17
Ctry : Italy 0
Name : Scott Sutherland
Email : ssuther17(at)gmail.com
Location : Philadelphia, PA, US

ID : s2000chops
Ctry : England 1
Name : Salim Furth
Email : october(at)gmail.com
Location : Rochester, NY, US

ID : stendaswargames
Ctry : France 2
Name : Dorian Love
Email : dlove(at)roedeanschool.co.za
Location : Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA



Is that it? I think so. Carry on people.





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