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(Standard - GM: Cory)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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After a little break for New Year's, we return to find an NMR from France, so Italy's defensive moves prove unnecessary. Germany attempts to counter-attack at Berlin, but Russia cuts the support and instead boots the Kaiser out of Munich.

With Russia also taking control of Liverpool, Denmark, and Trieste, this game has reached its end. Tsar Andrew takes a 20 center solo. Congratulations, Andrew!
The final game map and RP files are attached. The RP file is pre-retreat. For the .gif image, I took the liberty of ordering the German retreat to Ruhr. I'll post the adjud once I can regain access to the club website.

I encourage all players, including the eliminated Archduke Jason, to submit an end-of-game (EOG) statement. Andrew, I think the club reqiures an EOG from soloists.

Thanks for playing, everyone. This has been my first effort as a GM, and while not everything went smoothly (especially with two CDs!), I definitely appreciate your patience and for sticking it out to the end.



Fall 1908 results:

France: (NMR, GM orders all units to Hold)
A Belgium Hold
A Burgundy Hold
F Gulf of Lyon Hold
F North Sea Hold
A Piedmont Hold
A Tunis, no move received
F Tyrrhenian Sea Hold
F Western Mediterranean Hold

A Bohemia - Silesia
F Helgoland Bight - Denmark (*Bounce*)
A Holland Hold
A Kiel Supports A Munich - Berlin (*Cut*)
A Munich - Berlin (*Dislodged*) -- GM orders retreat to Ruhr

F Naples Supports F Rome
F Rome Hold
A Tuscany Supports A Venice
A Venice Hold

F Aegean Sea Convoys A Constantinople - Greece
A Berlin Supports A Silesia - Munich
F Black Sea - Constantinople
A Budapest Hold
F Clyde - Liverpool
A Constantinople - Greece
F Denmark - Kiel (*Fails*)
A Galicia - Bohemia
A Greece - Albania
F Norway - North Sea (*Fails*)
A Serbia Supports A Trieste
A Silesia - Munich
A Sweden - Denmark (*Bounce*)
A Trieste Hold
A Vienna Supports A Galicia - Bohemia
A Warsaw - Prussia

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