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Posted:Sep 15, 2012 at 5:21 pm
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The dying wishes of the Tsar were sent to the Russian forces, thus they honor his memory with blood, not tears.  The DIAS has been vetoed, and the game continues following its first elimination:  the final Austrian unit was dislodged and disbanded, and we bid farewell to Buck-a great player who caught the short end of the stick.  If you want to continue to receive adjudications, let me know.  

France completes the conquest of Great Britain, but the Royal Navy lingers in Portugal while Russia and Germany exchange a center, and Italy walks into Greece as Turkey sails out.

Two units were dislodged: Eng F London and Ita A Bohemia.  Bohemia had no retreat and was disbanded.  The sole Autumn 1908 retreat is due 9:00pm CDT on 17 September, or 03:00 BST on 18 September.  I will, as usual, adjudicate unless the retreat is provisional.  I will also accept build orders; the adjustments are provided below the retreats.


A Budapest - Galicia (*disbanded*)


F London Holds (*dislodged*)F Mid Atlantic Ocean - Portugal

F Norwegian Sea - Edinburgh

F Brest - Mid Atlantic OceanF Wales - London

A Burgundy - RuhrA Paris - Burgundy

A Picardy S A Paris - Burgundy


F Norway HoldsF North Sea S Fra F Wales - London


F Albania - Greece
A Serbia S F Albania - GreeceF Ionian Sea S F Albania - Greece
A Trieste - Budapest
A Vienna S A Trieste - BudapestA Bohemia - Galicia (*disbanded*)
A Tyrolia S Fra A Burgundy - Munich (*void*)


A Moscow - Sevastopol (*fails*)A Ukraine S A Moscow - Sevastopol

A Galicia S A Silesia - Bohemia (*cut*)
A Kiel - Holland

A Berlin S A Munich
F Baltic Sea - Gulf of Bothnia

A Denmark Holds
A Silesia - Bohemia

A Munich S A Silesia - Bohemia

 TurkeyA Ankara - Constantinople
F Greece - Aegean SeaA Bulgaria S F Rumania
F Black Sea S F RumaniaF Rumania S A Sevastopol
A Sevastopol Holds

Retreats:English F London can retreat to English Channel, Yorkshire, or OTB.

Austria: 0 (0)England: -1 or 0 (1) - depends on retreat order
France: +1 (7)Germany: 0 (2)
Italy: +3 (9)Russia: 0 (9)
Turkey: 0 (6)

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