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Posted:Oct 17, 2012 at 9:05 am
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France is the big winner of 1910, gaining three centers and pulling into a joint first-place position with Italy, who gained two.  Turkey threw caution to the wind and suffered the loss of Sevastopol and Smyrna, while Germany would rather see his home centers under French direction than under Russian administration, but sneaks into Petersburg.  The French PM has provided us with a very up-beat speech to the workers of the world, and a two-way draw has been proposed for France and Italy.  There are several units which need retreats, but only the Turkish retreat has any option (I've auto-retreated the Russian units).  We will run the Autumn and Winter turns simultaneously; the deadline is 9:00pm CDT on 20 October or 03:00 BST on 21 October.  Adjustments and retreats are given below the orders. 

From the prime minister of the French republic, to the people of Europe!

The two southern Republics of Europe having been forced into war for their very survival by the imperialist, reactionary dynasties, can now offer the people of all Europe freedom from the royalist yolk!

See how the citizens of England and the liberated hapsburg dominions thrive in their new freedom, and how the people of Germany and turkey stand ready to embrace the new rights and responsibilities of their liberation.

We salute the brave sailors of the German navy and their decision to give loyalty to the German people and the cause of liberty.

We can only hope that the people of Russia and turkey can find the strength to turn on their war mongering masters, assured as they should be that the republican cause will give them every gram of protection and support possible, and that the cleansing fire that has engulfed our great continent can be extinguished forever!

Vive liberté! Vive l'Europe! Vive les republiques!


A Holland - KielF Heligoland Bight S A Holland - Kiel

F North Sea - SkagerrackA Ruhr - Munich

A Burgundy S A Ruhr - MunichF English Channel - North Sea

F Mid Atlantic Ocean - North Atlantic OceanF Spain/sc Holds

A Belgium - Ruhr

 GermanyF Norway - St.Petersburg/ncF Denmark S Fra A Holland - Kiel

 ItalyA Tyrolia S A Vienna - Bohemia
A Vienna - Bohemia

A Galicia - RumaniaA Budapest S A Galicia - RumaniaA Serbia S A Galicia - Rumania

A Syria - SmyrnaF Bulgaria/sc HoldsF Aegean Sea S F Bulgaria/sc

F Ionian Sea HoldsF Eastern Mediterranean S A Syria - Smyrna

A Sweden HoldsF Gulf of Bothnia S A Sweden 
A Kiel S MunichA Munich S KielA Bohemia S Munich
A Moscow S SevastopolA Sevastopol S RumaniaA Rumania S Sevastopol

 TurkeyF Black Sea - Bulgaria/ecF Constantinople S F Bulgaria - Black Sea/ec

A Armenia - SyriaA Smyrna S A Armenia - Syria

Retreats:Turkish A Smyrna can retreat to Ankara, Armenia, or OTB.Russian A Kiel will auto-retreat to Berlin.
Russian A Munich will auto-retreat to Silesia.Russian A Bohemia will auto-retreat to Galicia.Russian A Rumania will auto-retreat to Rumania.

Adjustments:France: +3 (12)Germany: 0 (3)

Italy: +2 (12)
Russia: -3 (5)Turkey: -2 (2)

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DC428 Fall 1910 (Zoterik) Oct 17, 09:05 am

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