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Posted:Oct 12, 2012 at 10:44 am
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Normally I'd provide my own comments on the latest developments, but this turn the Sultan says it better than I possibly could.  Enjoy this rather poignant performance: 

(The scene is chaos.  The once proud Sultan appears on the balcony of his palace.  The pride still shows great in his face and the people who love him roar their adoration for this man.  The man who Bucked the Austrian Liar (see what I did there?)  The man who drove not one but two Tsars from power.  The man who warned Italy about Liar in Austria and when Italy paid no heed the Sultan forgave his foolishness and not only befriended him but handed him the keys to the Austrian capital....
And now this.  The Sultan deceived the new Tsar so that another center could be taken but the Italian stabbed his friend, his mentor...dare I say his Savior in the back and now Italian war vessels surround the Aegean Sea as Russian troops gather in Rumania....)
Sultan:  On this day I promise you, my loyal friends and family.  We WILL NOT QUIT!  We have heathens on our doorstep but the door remains closed!  We will fight on and NOT, I repeat NOT accept the proposed New World Order.
I have asked the great leader of France to turn his forces to our aid....time will tell.
My people.....my friends....I trusted the wrong men, the fault of this terror is mine and mine alone.  We will fight until we are no more.  I would rather the Turkish people be scoured from the earth than to be ruled by LIARS!
I love you all.  I beg your forgiveness.....

Touching, no?  This means that the F/I/R draw proposal fails.  Only one unit-A Holland-was dislodged, but with nowhere to go it is also disbanded.  Thus we move to Fall 1910; the deadline will be 9:00pm CDT on 16 October, or 03:00 BST on 17 October.  The deadline gets shorter now because there are fewer players and we're solidly in the mid-game phase.  On the 14th I'm heading south to Odessa, where I will enjoy a not-quite-as-cold-as-Kyiv winter.  

 FranceA Ruhr - Holland

A Burgundy - Ruhr

A Paris - BurgundyA Belgium S A Ruhr - HollandF North Sea - Heligoland Bight

F English Channel - North SeaF Brest - English ChannelF Portugal - MidAtlantic Ocean

F Spain/sc Holds


F Denmark - Kiel (*fails*)

F Norway - Sweden (*fails*)

A Tyrolia - Vienna
A Budapest S A Tyrolia - ViennaA Vienna - GaliciaA Serbia S F Bulgaria/sc

A Venice - TyroliaA Naples - SyriaF Bulgaria/sc S F Greece - Aegean Sea

F Greece - Aegean SeaF Ionian Sea C A Naples - SyriaF Eastern Mediterranean C A Naples - Syria

A Ukraine - Sevastopol
A Moscow S A Ukraine - SevastopolA Rumania S A Ukraine - SevastopolA Kiel - Denmark (*fails*)
A Sweden S A Kiel - Denmark (*cut*)F Gulf of Bothnia S A SwedenA Holland Holds (*disbanded*)
A Munich HoldsA Bohemia S A Munich

F Aegean Sea - ConstantinopleA Constantinople - Smyrna
A Sevastopol - ArmeniaF Black Sea S F Aegean Sea - Constantinople

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DC428 Spring 1910 Orders (Zoterik) Oct 12, 10:44 am

Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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