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Posted:Nov 25, 2012 at 4:02 pm
Edited:Nov 25, 2012 at 4:07 pm
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Hi gentlemen diplomates,

Gamer of Diplomacy for a long date (not online, just on boardgame version), I have created a special alternative system named : War & Treason.

This system is played with the "spirit" of Diplomacy (public actions and secret decisions), but with different mechanisms and using a combatvtable like a wargame.

I am searching 9 players who would be able to understand french, to realize the first tests of the complete system.
(because it's more easy to do test in his native langage, I am french). In second step, I will do a translation of rules for english langage.

The game system is free and not for commercial use : I will give the map and the rules as free, in french and english langage after tests (I am working on the translation). I insist for a special point : the spirit of the game is exactly the same as Diplomacy (treasons and secret), but the mechanism is very different and no any Diplomacy rule is used in game.

Public actions on map (military conquests) are dissociated by secret actions (using gold in the game). Other difference with Diplomacy is that treasons are NEVER knowed by any player( the arbitrator has obliogation to keep absolute silence about, even after the game has ended).

If you understand a little french and want try a alternative diplomatic system, please, contact me here :

It's a french forum but you may contact in englisgh langage if needed. To be french or to speak excellent french is not needed, you have just to understand french or to be able to understand the poor english used by frenchs frogs Smile (but a little comprehension of french would be more easy for first tests)

I would had have the possibility to play my system here, on the Diplomatic corps, using the forum, but I do not know how I could do that (my system is specially adapted for forums, it uses a simple png map managed by the arbitrator, the public posts = international forum and the privates messages = secret negociations). There are no pawns in my game system, all actions are made by CHANGING colors on
the map.


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