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(Deluge - Ice Station Zero)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Dc159 Fall 1904

Finally, managed to rebuild the map and get to this game. My sincere apologies for the long delay and the interruption to gameplay.

No Moves from Austria but grace periods have already passed.
(note for me - update website when i get home)

A Alb - Tri
A Ser S A Alb - Tri
F Apu - Rome
A/F Aeg - Ion (Bounce)
A/F Ion disembark Tun (VOID)
F Tir S A/F Aeg - Ion (CUT by Fleet Tunis)

A Burgundy - Marseilles (Bounce)

A Mar transforms to F Mar
A Spa S Mar
F Iri-Wal
F Eng S Iri-Wal

F North Atlantic Ocean -> Iceland
F Norwegian Sea Support NAO -> ICE
F Edinburgh -> North Sea
F Kiel -> Ruhr
A Munich Support Kiel -> Ruhr
F Berlin Support Munich
A Silisia -> Bohemia
A Vienna Support Tyrolia
A Tyrolia Support Ser -> Tri (VOID)
F Budapest Support Ser -> Tri (VOID)

Fleet iceland holds (Dislodged by Russian Attack)
Fleet Wales Holds (Dislodged By French Attack)
Fleet Ruhr Holds (Dislodged by Russian Attack)

F Tun-TYS (Bounce)
F ADS-ION (Bounce)
F Pie Holds

Austria Army Trieste (No orders received, dislodged and disbanded)

Winter 1905 will be due Wednesday 21st at 5pm, Australian EST.

(Italy, Russia and Turkey)

Austria - 0 SC, 0 Units.
England - 0 SC, 3 Units - Disband all units
France - 4 SC, 4 Units
Germany - 0 SC, 1 Unit - Disband Army Burgundy
Italy - 2 SC, 3 units - Disband One
Russia 12 SC, 10 units - Build 2
Turkey 8 SC, 6 Units - Build 2

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