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("Two Abs" (Gunboat Aberration) GM: Felix)

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Posted:Oct 11, 2007 at 10:23 am
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Anonymous Press
HA HA!!! I'm the one person. I will take my one unit and RULE the

This message is in reply to post 59:

Spain speaks,

 Spanish Fleet Alg ANNIHILATED by Israel troops.

 Israel position:

 A Pie
F Alg
F Uti
F Tyn
F Lig

 Possibly A Sah as well, fall adjucation will tell that. I have, again, at best a 50/50 defense and once more implore other nations to act while there is still time. I expect Lan to fall to Israel within 2 years maximum, and Mor might be dead this fall. I STRONGLY advise you to act before Israel takes the game away. I'm getting a bit tired of defending on my own, and there beeing no reports that I'm getting any help. I might have to change strategy - just giving Israel all centers and go rouge vs Eire or something like that - perhaps then someone would wake up? At the very least, reply to this message - anyone (including Israel, about the plan to turning you into an unstoppable jugger, perhaps you'd let me live on a singel sc, if I simply hand you the rest I have?), so that I can tell if there is someone alive and caring at all in this game.

 As signed by a desperate Spain

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