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(Standard - GM: Kevin)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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End of Game Statement - Germany.

First of all a thankyou to Kevin for taking over the GMing of this game.

This game started off well for me with most of my neighbours responding well to opening emails. France seemed
a little slow to respond to emails and i quickly enter into negiotations with england and italy to make a three way
opening on france. I had worked out neutrality with russia and austria and i seemed in a good position.

France moved strangely in 1901 and our opening moves to english channel, bugundy and piedmont saw France get no
builds in 1901 and was eliminated in 1902. The plan was for our alliance to then turn east. Trusting my allies i move east against
russia with england but we did not see Italy moving as quickly as we liked on Austria.

With Russia and turkey showing weakness in the east, Austria quickly grew into a dominant force and Italy was still
reluctant to move against him. After talking with England, and with suspicions of my own, we suspected an Italian-Austrian
alliance and I made arrangements with England for both of us to move on Italy. However I suspect that James had
convinced trout to move against me as just after i attacked Italy - england backstabbed me viciously. Too viciously though
as England was now looking like a power player and Italy seemed nervous about how big he had got. Trout and i passed
back many IM and emails and we agreed on an alliance until England was at least contained. I would like to think I made
some clever moves on england, allowing myself to take back some of my territory and push england back.

However with the demise of russia and turkey and no resistance in the south, Austria had grown and suddently struck on
my weak southern flank, threatening Munich and taking warsaw off me. Again i scrambled - throwing old alliances out and
james and i started talking about the powerful threat of an Austrian-Italian allaince. Whilst I believed i was allied with Italy at this
point, Italy was very reluctant to move against Austria so it was easy to convince James we need to re-ally.

It took a lot of trust on both James and my part to form our alliance again, and i thank James for that but he did prove a loyal ally

I believe England and I were well on our way to stalemating Austria-iTaly forcing the inevitable draw.

aka Deathblade_penguin (Knight of the Shubbery)

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 00:21:24 -0500
From: kodiplomacy(at)gmail.com
To: former.trout(at)gmail.com; jyagley(at)yahoo.com; stevelytton(at)hotmail.com; jafainri(at)hotmail.com
Subject: dc102 - GAME OVER

The 4-way draw proposal including Austria, England, Germany and Italy passed. Turkey is not allowed to vote, as the country has been in CD since 1903 or '04.
DC102 ends after Winter 1906 with the following supply center counts:

Tony - Austria: 9
James - England: 7
Steve - Germany: 8
Trout - Italy: 9
CD - Turkey: 1

Thanks all for sticking with this game through a missing GM and an absent one.

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