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Subject:< DC205 The Pleiades - Fall 1913 - From The Stars >
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Posted:Apr 20, 2009 at 11:48 pm
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Sharp knives speak the loudest, as they say...  The Sultan puts the practice to work, doubling up in centers - reclaiming Ankara and occupying Naples...  Meanwhile, France offsets centers with both Italy and Russia maintaining the balance in the west...

One retreat was required after the smoke cleared - but there was only one option other than OTB.  I auto-retreated the French fleet in Spain to Portugal...  However, if OTB is required then please just let me know Brian.

Meanwhile, we have folks voting for draw proposals that have never been made...  So I hate to say it, but I guess those draws fail..  What can you do?  ...

The meter keeps on running...  We'll set Winter 1913 adjustments due for Wednesday, April 22nd (11:59 PM GMT).

Let me know if you spot any mistakes.  Cheers everyone!

Hunched Shoulders Trout

Movement results for Fall of 1913.  (DC205 13 FALL)

France: F Baltic Sea Supports F Sweden - Gulf of Bothnia.
France: F Barents Sea Supports A Norway.
France: F Brest, no move received.
France: A Burgundy Supports A Gascony - Marseilles.
France: A Gascony - Marseilles.
France: A Holland Supports A Kiel.
France: A Kiel Hold.
France: F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, no move received.
France: A Norway, no move received.
France: A Ruhr Supports A Burgundy.
France: F Skagerrak - Sweden.
France: F Spain(sc) Supports A Gascony - Marseilles (*Dislodged*).
France: F Sweden - Gulf of Bothnia.

Italy: F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Western Mediterranean - Spain(sc).
Italy: A Marseilles - Gascony (*Disbanded*).
Italy: F North Africa - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*).
Italy: F Trieste Hold.
Italy: F Tunis Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea - Western Mediterranean (*Void*).
Italy: A Tuscany - Piedmont.
Italy: A Tyrolia Supports A Bohemia - Munich (*Void*).
Italy: F Western Mediterranean - Spain(sc).

Russia: A Berlin Supports A Munich.
Russia: A Bohemia - Vienna.
Russia: F Gulf of Bothnia - Livonia.
Russia: A Livonia - Warsaw.
Russia: A Moscow Supports A St Petersburg.
Russia: A Munich Hold.
Russia: A Prussia Supports A Berlin.
Russia: A Silesia Supports A Munich.
Russia: A St Petersburg Hold.
Russia: A Warsaw - Galicia.

Turkey: A Constantinople - Ankara.
Turkey: F Tyrrhenian Sea - Naples.

Retreat orders for Fall of 1913.  (DC205 13 EW)

France: F Spain(sc) - Portugal.

Unit locations:

France:    F Baltic Sea, F Barents Sea, F Brest, A Burgundy, F Gulf of Bothnia, 
           A Holland, A Kiel, A Marseilles, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, A Norway, F 
           Portugal, A Ruhr, F Sweden.
Italy:     F Gulf of Lyon, F North Africa, A Piedmont, F Spain(sc), F Trieste, 
           F Tunis, A Tyrolia.
Russia:    A Berlin, A Galicia, F Livonia, A Moscow, A Munich, A Prussia, A 
           Silesia, A St Petersburg, A Vienna, A Warsaw.
Turkey:    A Ankara, F Naples.

Ownership of supply centers:

France:    Belgium, Brest, Denmark, Edinburgh, Holland, Kiel, Liverpool, 
           London, Marseilles, Norway, Paris, Portugal, Sweden.
Italy:     Bulgaria, Greece, Rome, Spain, Trieste, Tunis, Venice.
Russia:    Berlin, Budapest, Moscow, Munich, Rumania, Serbia, Sevastopol, St 
           Petersburg, Vienna, Warsaw.
Turkey:    Ankara, Constantinople, Naples, Smyrna.

Austria:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
England:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
France:    13 Supply centers, 13 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Germany:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Italy:      7 Supply centers,  7 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Russia:    10 Supply centers, 10 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Turkey:     4 Supply centers,  2 Units:  Builds   2 units.


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