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Posted:Apr 23, 2009 at 8:31 pm
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Heya folks,

Apologies for the delay last night - was the GMs fault not the players.  My senses got in the way of a couple bottles of wine - or vice versa...  Either way, I regret the lapse.  

With regards to the builds - its a fleet in Constantinople and an army in Smyrna.  Easy as that, we move onto Spring 1914.  Deadline will be set for Tuesday, April 28th (11:59 PM GMT).

In other news - there's been a flurry of proposals put forth.  With your Spring orders, please let me know how you think about:
A)  A Turkish Solo
B)  A 4-way Draw

Finally, just a note about correspondance...  Obviously there's no way I can control this - but I kindof view any correspondance between me and a player as confidential.  On my end, I will NEVER forward or otherwise advise what has gone on between me and yourselves.  Of course its completely your choice whether to follow similar practice but it would definitely be my preference if you did.

Cheers folks!

Many Merlots Trout

Adjustment orders for Winter of 1913.  (DC205 13 WIN)

Turkey: Build A Smyrna.
Turkey: Build F Constantinople.

Unit locations:

France:    F Baltic Sea, F Barents Sea, F Brest, A Burgundy, F Gulf of Bothnia, 
           A Holland, A Kiel, A Marseilles, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean, A Norway, F 
           Portugal, A Ruhr, F Sweden.
Italy:     F Gulf of Lyon, F North Africa, A Piedmont, F Spain(sc), F Trieste, 
           F Tunis, A Tyrolia.
Russia:    A Berlin, A Galicia, F Livonia, A Moscow, A Munich, A Prussia, A 
           Silesia, A St Petersburg, A Vienna, A Warsaw.
Turkey:    A Ankara, F Constantinople, F Naples, A Smyrna.

Ownership of supply centers:

France:    Belgium, Brest, Denmark, Edinburgh, Holland, Kiel, Liverpool, 
           London, Marseilles, Norway, Paris, Portugal, Sweden.
Italy:     Bulgaria, Greece, Rome, Spain, Trieste, Tunis, Venice.
Russia:    Berlin, Budapest, Moscow, Munich, Rumania, Serbia, Sevastopol, St 
           Petersburg, Vienna, Warsaw.
Turkey:    Ankara, Constantinople, Naples, Smyrna.

Austria:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
England:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
France:    13 Supply centers, 13 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Germany:    0 Supply centers,  0 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Italy:      7 Supply centers,  7 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Russia:    10 Supply centers, 10 Units:  Builds   0 units.
Turkey:     4 Supply centers,  4 Units:  Builds   0 units.


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