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Posted:May 14, 2009 at 10:03 pm
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Trout- Can't thank you enough for a magnificent job as GM. You kept the game running smoothly and I felt that you were as much a part of the game as any of the players.

After extensive analysis of my play as Turkey, I have concluded that my strategy and execution were flawless until Spring '02. About that time I opted to initiate an all out attack on Austria because he was a convenient easy target and Italy because, well, he was Italy and it's just what Turkey does. I felt comfortable with the plan because of my alliance with Russia knowing full well I could leave myself somewhat exposed without fear of being attacked by my ally. Silly me. Following the Russian stab, I spent the rest of the game in the fetal position trying to deny Joe the three Turkey spots and the solo. Nat was so totally focused on revenge that I couldn't get him to see the danger of a Russian solo.
After Scott entered the game and Russia's solo effort was effectively ended, Joe and Scott teamed up beautifully to stop France from soloing.

Then it became interesting. The game should have been over but it kept plodding along. Scott and Joe kept hammering France and the draws kept being turned down. I really thought Joe was the culprit and was getting set to try for the solo again. My suggestion that Russia and Italy hold in place to draw the game was ignored so I decided to force the issue by attacking both Joe and Scott. Silly me.

Well it's over. It was great fun, as always, and now it's on to the next adventure. I enjoyed the game very much and look forward to playing against everyone again in the future.


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DC205 EOG (bucksworld) May 14, 10:03 pm

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