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Posted:May 13, 2009 at 10:54 pm
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First of all - thanks to Trout for running the game and keeping it going, nicely done my friend.

I came on as a replacement in 1905 to an Italy in decent, but not great, shape.
Neighbors were talking, but not always saying much. Turkey was willing to
work, but Russia was another story. We got off to a shaky start and that was
the way it was for some time to come. So I started working with France and
Turkey and as things progressed Russia began to lose ground and France and
I gained some.

Once I realized how much France had grown and how good his chances actually
were for a solo I contacted Russia again and this time he was willing to work with
me. However, in this game (diplomacy) duplicity reigns supreme and as I got
Russia to move a certain way I let France know so he would move further away
from me and also be willing to move more units away from my front.

The strategy worked and I opted to try for the solo and worked accordingly.
I think I could have pulled it off too if Turkey hadn't pulled the stunt he did.
In the end I sensed the frustration the other players were feeling and opted
to vote yes to the draw proposal on the table.

Now - a confession - *I* was the one who had been voting the draws all down and almost
did so again. Almost. The lesson here is never to assume you *KNOW* who is voting
one way or the other. I was VERY apprehensive when the insults started flying over it
all. I would say I was sorry, but I really am not. After all, that IS part of the game and
I can't help it if some folks jump to the wrong conclusions. Hopefully this can all be put
behind us, as every game should, and look forward to another one in the future.

Nicely done gentlemen, it was a fun game.

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Subject: DC205 The Pleiades - Spring 1915 - An Outbreak Of Peace

Heya all!

The sailors are kissing the girls in the streets, or vice-versa... In Spring 1915, a three-way draw between France, Italy and Russia is unanimously agreed to. Our Sultan ekes out a survival for Turkey.

Congrats to Brian, Joe and Packrat for their shared draw. It was definitely a hard-fought battle. End-of-game statements from all players are heartily encouraged.

My thanks to all you guys for your efforts in this one, especially during those rough and bumpy stretches. I appreciated you folks always making the game entertaining. =)

Cheers everyone! See you all in the next game!

Flowers and Doves Trout


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DC205 The Pleiades - Italian EOG (packrat) May 13, 10:54 pm

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