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Subject:< DC212 - Missing Order Set - Must Have More Beer >
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Posted:Jul 01, 2009 at 2:42 am
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One of you is very lucky that it is Canada Day and your humble GM is a little off his cooker.  We have late orders - but I'll take the hit here since I'm really in no fit state to adjudge any wars betwixt major European powers.

So say we all.

Actually, I'm not that bad since everyone should drink in moderation.  BUT - if I wake up in my grumpy hung-over state tomorrow morning without a full compliment of orders then I may, in all my grouchiness, seek out a replacement player for the position.

But okay.  The mean GM stuff is over.  Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Trout, eh!

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DC212 - Missing Order Set - Must Have More Beer (former.trout) Jul 01, 02:42 am

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