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Posted:Jan 28, 2011 at 7:41 pm
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Sorry folks, typo.... the retreats are due Monday the 31st, not the 30th.... that was some other year.....

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Hi gang,


First of all, both end game proposals fail. We have a new proposal for a Turkish solo now on the table, votes due with Spring 1910 orders. I am pretty sure that's the only proposal I got, but correct me if I'm wrong.


Italy throws his last unit into the sea, and fails to order it this fall. Nonetheless, he has retreats available, and one of them to a dot if he so chooses.... see below. Of course all three units retreating have the option of OTB.


Three retreats due on Monday, January 30, 17:00 MST.


French A Marseilles can retreat to Burgundy.
Italian F Mid-Atlantic Ocean can retreat to North Atlantic Ocean
           or Irish Sea or English Channel or Portugal.
Russian A Munich can retreat to Burgundy or Kiel or Berlin.


F Edinburgh - Clyde
A London Hold


A Brest Hold
A Marseilles Supports F Portugal - Spain(sc) (*Dislodged*)
F Portugal - Spain(sc)


F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Hold(*Dislodged*)


A Belgium - Ruhr
A Gascony Supports A Marseilles
F Holland, no move received
F Liverpool - Wales
A Livonia Supports A Warsaw
A Moscow Supports A Ukraine
A Munich - Bohemia (*Dislodged*)
F North Sea Supports F Norwegian Sea - Edinburgh
F Norwegian Sea - Edinburgh
A Silesia Supports A Munich - Bohemia (*Cut*)
A Ukraine, no move received
A Warsaw Supports A Ukraine


A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)
F Black Sea Supports A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)
A Bohemia - Munich
A Galicia - Silesia (*Fails*)
F Gulf of Lyon Supports A Spain - Marseilles
F North Africa Supports F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Piedmont Supports A Spain - Marseilles
A Rumania Supports A Sevastopol - Ukraine
A Sevastopol - Ukraine (*Fails*)
A Spain - Marseilles
F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
A Tyrolia Supports A Bohemia - Munich
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Tunis - Western Mediterranean
F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean


Maps attached. Check my work. Have fun.



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