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Subject:< dc133 (Heir) - 04 builds! >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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04 builds are out! Lots of new armies come into play… Where will they go next?

Spring 05 due: We were going 5-ish day turns this game, right?
So – Monday 1/21, 2pm Pacific!

Note if that is not enough time for anyone or the game seems rushed at all, let me know! Be happy to slow it to 7-days. Want to make sure nobody feels they don’t have sufficient time to get their negotiations in…

Defaults, removing F Adriatic Sea
Defaults, removing A Piedmont

Build A Edinburgh

Build A Berlin

Build A Venice

Remove A Prussia

Build A Constantinople

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dc133 (Heir) - 04 builds! (test_gm) Sep 13, 12:00 am

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