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Posted:Feb 16, 2012 at 12:06 pm
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Hi group,
We have a new France. Welcome to Tim Crosby, who can be reached at:
I'm pasting below, all the player lists etc. that Dipcorp sends me when I ask for a player list.  Note that Logan is still on the lists although he is no longer playing......  and note that although he is listed as abandoned on the DC site, he informed me of his choice to leave because real life was taking over. So good on him for doing it the right way  Smile
New deadline for Fall 1905 will be in just under a week, next Wednesday, February 22, 16:00 MST.  That's 23:00 GMT.  Most of you have orders in already, and they will be used in the event that you don't wish to change them. 

The lists:
Player list for dc398

ID : alfdog
Ctry : Russia 0
Name : Alfred Nicol
Email : amn(at)benenden.kent.sch.uk
Location : 

ID : Dazza_1
Ctry : Italy 0
Name : Darren Sharma
Email : darren_sharma(at)frontlineanalysts.com
Location : London, HERTS, UK

ID : fencertim
Ctry : France 1
Name : Timothy Crosby
Email : tim_crosby(at)hotmail.com
Location : Gainesville, FL, US

ID : garry.bledsoe
Ctry : Turkey 0
Name : Garry Bledsoe
Email : kielmarch(at)hotmail.com
Location : Little Rock , AR, US

ID : lwp1018
Ctry : France 0
Name : Logan Ping
Email : swoopster06(at)yahoo.com
Location : Arlington, VA, US

ID : Samnuva
Ctry : Austria 0
Name : Sam Buck
Email : Sam_Buck_Productions(at)Mac.com
Location : New York City, NY, US

ID : sanjat312
Ctry : England 0
Name : Joshua Tag
Email : sanjat312(at)yahoo.com
Location : Seattle, WA, US

ID : trooper
Ctry : Germany 0
Name : John Clarke
Email : john.c1arke(at)btinternet.com
Location : UK

Semicolon delimited for easy addressing of emails (Copy & paste):

amn(at)benenden.kent.sch.uk; darren_sharma(at)frontlineanalysts.com; tim_crosby(at)hotmail.com; kielmarch(at)hotmail.com; swoopster06(at)yahoo.com; Sam_Buck_Productions(at)Mac.com; sanjat312(at)yahoo.com; john.c1arke(at)btinternet.com; 

Tab delimited for easy export to Excel (Copy & Paste):

ID Country Sequence Name Email Location
alfdog Russia 0 Alfred Nicol amn(at)benenden.kent.sch.uk
Dazza_1 Italy 0 Darren Sharma darren_sharma(at)frontlineanalysts.com London, HERTS, UK
fencertim France 1 Timothy Crosby tim_crosby(at)hotmail.com Gainesville, FL, US
garry.bledsoe Turkey 0 Garry Bledsoe kielmarch(at)hotmail.com Little Rock , AR, US
lwp1018 France 0 Logan Ping swoopster06(at)yahoo.com Arlington, VA, US
Samnuva Austria 0 Sam Buck Sam_Buck_Productions(at)Mac.com New York City, NY, US
sanjat312 England 0 Joshua Tag sanjat312(at)yahoo.com Seattle, WA, US
trooper Germany 0 John Clarke john.c1arke(at)btinternet.com UK

HTML table for clean emailing (Copy & Paste):

IDCountryNameEmailLocationalfdogRussiaAlfred Nicolamn(at)benenden.kent.sch.ukDazza_1ItalyDarren Sharmadarren_sharma(at)frontlineanalysts.comLondon, HERTS, UKfencertimFranceTimothy Crosbytim_crosby(at)hotmail.comGainesville, FL, USgarry.bledsoeTurkeyGarry Bledsoekielmarch(at)hotmail.comLittle Rock , AR, USlwp1018FranceLogan Pingswoopster06(at)yahoo.comArlington, VA, USSamnuvaAustriaSam BuckSam_Buck_Productions(at)Mac.comNew York City, NY, USsanjat312EnglandJoshua Tagsanjat312(at)yahoo.comSeattle, WA, UStrooperGermanyJohn Clarkejohn.c1arke(at)btinternet.comUKFrom: alwayshunted(at)hotmail.com
To: amn(at)benenden.kent.sch.uk; darren_sharma(at)frontlineanalysts.com; kielmarch(at)hotmail.com; swoopster06(at)yahoo.com; sam_buck_productions(at)mac.com; sanjat312(at)yahoo.com; john.c1arke(at)btinternet.com; dc398(at)diplomaticcorp.com; alwayshunted(at)hotmail.com
Subject: DC 398, Notice
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 18:25:34 -0700

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.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage

Hi gang,
France has decided that he cannot continue the game due to real life things that are consuming his time. They are perfectly acceptable reasons. Given the current situation, and the current strength of the French position, I really have no choice but to seek a replacement. I will get that out on the DC website right this minute, and it shouldn't take long. Sorry about the delay.
There will be a brief period of diplomacy before the fall 1905 turn is adjudicated. Anyone may continue to submit new orders until further notice.

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