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Posted:Apr 03, 2012 at 12:41 pm
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Hi gang,
I still don't have a full set of orders. They are due in just over 28 hours, and I believe I've confirmed everything I've got. If I haven't confirmed your orders then get them in!

From: alwayshunted(at)hotmail.com
To: amn(at)benenden.kent.sch.uk; darren_sharma(at)frontlineanalysts.com; kielmarch(at)hotmail.com; swoopster06(at)yahoo.com; sam_buck_productions(at)mac.com; sanjat312(at)yahoo.com; john.c1arke(at)btinternet.com; dc398(at)diplomaticcorp.com; tim_crosby(at)hotmail.com; alwayshunted(at)hotmail.com
Subject: DC 398, Summer 1907
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 12:08:26 -0600

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Norwegian Sea retreats to Barents Sea.  Fall is due in one week, on Wednesday April 4, 16:00 MDT.
I have received an end game proposal, for a three way Turkey/France/Germany draw. Please vote with your fall orders. Failure to vote is considered a no.
Maps are attached. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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