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Posted:Mar 13, 2012 at 8:06 pm
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Moving along... unfortunately we have an nmr this turn. No word from Darren, so Italy's troops stay put.
The english solo proposal.... fails.

We had one retreat needed from France, but since the only option was Gascony I took the liberty of retreating it. Tim, by all means if you'd like it off the board, just let me know.  Now there is only one build due, also from France.  The lone disband is for our English player, who will be an observer for the rest of the game.  Thanks Joshua for sticking it out.
So Tim, your build is due in two days, Thursday March 15 at 16:00 MDT.  That's 22:00 GMT. Get it to me sooner and I can probably run it earlier.
Here is the fall turn:------------England: F Wales - Liverpool (*Bounce*)
France: A Burgundy - Paris (*Dislodged*)F Clyde - Edinburgh (*Bounce*)F English Channel - LondonA Marseilles Supports A Venice - Piedmont (*Void*)F North Atlantic Ocean - Liverpool (*Bounce*)A Paris - Brest
Germany: A Berlin - SilesiaA Bohemia Supports A Berlin - SilesiaF Holland - BelgiumA Moscow Supports A Silesia - Warsaw (*Cut*)A Munich - BurgundyF North Sea - Edinburgh (*Bounce*)F Norwegian Sea - Edinburgh (*Bounce*)A Picardy - Paris (*Bounce*)A Ruhr Supports A Munich - BurgundyA Silesia - WarsawA Tyrolia - PiedmontA Warsaw - Livonia
Italy: F Adriatic Sea, no move receivedF Ionian Sea, no move receivedF Mid-Atlantic Ocean, no move receivedA Venice, no move receivedA Vienna, no move received
Turkey: F Aegean Sea HoldF Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)F Black Sea Supports F Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)A Budapest Supports A ViennaA Galicia Supports A BudapestA Greece - Venice (*Fails*)A Rumania Supports A Moscow - Ukraine (*Void*)A Serbia - TriesteA Sevastopol - Moscow (*Fails*)F Trieste - Albania---------------
That's it. Check my work and have fun. Maps attached.

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