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(Europe 1615)

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Posted:May 10, 2013 at 11:14 pm
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The year is 1615.  The great powers of Europe expand their spheres of influence....

States aligned with Austria:  BAV, FRC, POL, SAX.
States aligned with Scandinavia: BRA, DUT, LIV.
States aligned with England:  IRE.
States aligned with France:  SWA.
States aligned with Spain: WES.
Neutral states (and impassable):  HES, LOW, MEC, HNG, RHI.
Protestant controlled states (orange cross): DUT, IRE. 
Catholic controlled states (blue cross):  BAV, MEC, PAP, POL, RHI, SWA, WES.
States with both Protestant and Catholic influence (white cross): LOW, HNG.

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