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Subject:< dc133 f08 results! >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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I agree. I'm happy to call it here and have voted for the draw twice already and will do again.

All the best

Dom (Italy)

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 07:24:10 -0800
From: damienthryn(at)
To: aefgirt7(at)
Subject: Re: dc133 f08 results!
CC: mike(at); alexanderhydes(at); former.trout(at); dc133(at); wtfleming(at); stevelytton(at); laurensbliek(at); domandcarol(at); gaius.iulus(at)

Yeah I think the only way this will end is with a EGI draw and a Turkey survival...I've proposed and voted for that draw a couple times, and I do so again. Everyone? Shall we call this? Turkey has played an admirable game, I don't see a reason to play it till the death.


On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 6:52 AM, Dan Huck <aefgirt7(at) ([email]aefgirt7(at)[/email])> wrote:
[quote:13a1c71ed9] Sorry about the recent NMRs, guys, but life intervenes sometimes. Based on what's left of Turkey, it might make sense to CD since the 3-way was rejected and Italy went with the E-G alliance. Let me know what you all think and I'll either play to the death or CD. Thanks.

-- Dan.

Michael Sims <mike(at) ([email]mike(at)[/email])> wrote:[quote:13a1c71ed9] Draw is voted down, Turkey NMR's! Turk Bul is dislodged to Con. Dan remember 2 consecutive NMR's would be Civil Disorder!

Winter 08 is due Wednesday 2pm Pacific:





F English Channel Supports F Picardy - Belgium
F Gascony Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean
F Irish Sea Supports F English Channel
A Livonia Supports A Moscow
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports F Spain(sc)
A Moscow Supports A Sevastopol
F North Sea Supports F Picardy - Belgium
F Picardy - Belgium
F Portugal Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Sevastopol Supports A Moscow

F Baltic Sea Hold
A Burgundy Supports A Marseilles
A Galicia Supports A Ukraine - Rumania
F Holland Hold
A Marseilles Hold
A Munich - Silesia
A Prussia - Warsaw
A Rumania - Bulgaria
A Ukraine - Rumania
A Warsaw - Ukraine

A Budapest Supports A Serbia
F Ionian Sea - Aegean Sea
A Piedmont Hold
A Serbia Supports A Rumania - Bulgaria
F Spain(sc) Supports F Western Mediterranean
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Ionian Sea
A Vienna - Trieste
F Western Mediterranean Supports F Spain(sc)

A Albania, no move received
A Armenia, no move received
F Black Sea, no move received
A Bulgaria, no move received (*Dislodged to Con*)
F Greece, no move received
F Smyrna, no move received

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