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Posted:Nov 20, 2008 at 3:20 am
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Dc194 Fall 1906

I have received no moves from Russia or England. Both have used their Grace period so both
countries suffer an NMR for Fall 1906.

Joe - I am disappointed that you failed to submit moves, even HOLDs. Technically this is your second NMR in
a row and your country should be placed in CD prior to winter adjustments. This means by failing to
submit moves for the last 2 seasons, you would get no credit for playing this game at all. However
I am not going to place you in CD, but it is something you need to consider in games for the future -
as not all GM's can be as reasonable as me.

F Adriatic Sea Supports A Trieste
A Albania - Serbia (*Fails*)
A Trieste Supports A Vienna - Budapest (*Cut*)
A Vienna - Budapest (*Fails*)

F Helgoland Bight, no move received
F Norwegian Sea, no move received

A Burgundy Supports A Tyrolia - Munich
A Edinburgh Hold
F London Hold
A Marseilles - Piedmont
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - English Channel
F Naples Hold
F North Sea - Belgium
F Tunis Hold
A Tyrolia - Munich

A Holland Supports A Kiel
A Kiel Supports A Holland
A Livonia - Moscow (*Fails*)
F Prussia - Baltic Sea
A Warsaw Supports A Livonia - Moscow (*Cut*)

F Denmark, no move received
A Moscow, no move received
F Norway, no move received
A St Petersburg, no move received

F Aegean Sea - Greece
F Black Sea - Constantinople
A Bulgaria Supports A Greece - Serbia
A Galicia Supports A Serbia - Budapest
A Greece - Serbia
F Ionian Sea Supports F Aegean Sea - Greece
A Serbia - Budapest
A Ukraine - Warsaw (*Fails*)
F Venice - Trieste (*Fails*)


Remove F Helgoland Bight
Remove F Norwegian Sea




Winter 1906 is due in 48 hours. Saturday 22nd November at 8am GMT.

Stephen Lytton
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