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Posted:Dec 11, 2008 at 3:39 am
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Dc194 Spring 1908

First of all I was concerned that I could not find anyone's moves, but then I realised that everyone alive had voted
YES for the draw.

Dc194 has officially ended with a France - Turkey Draw.

Final Standings.
1st (Draw) Mike H. France 16 Sc and Anthony Turkey 12 SC

Third (Survivial) Bill. Russia 6 SC

Fourth Eliminated Winter 1907, Rachael (Germany) and Andy (Austria)

Sixth Eliminated Winter 1906, Joe (England)

Seventh Eliminated Winter 1904 David (Italy)

Thanks for a good game everyone, End of Game Statements by all players are a welcome read after the game.


Stephen Lytton
Knight of the Rose

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