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(Standard - GM: Cory)

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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Thanks again for doing a great job as GM. I have a EOG prepared and will send at the conclusion.

As a current comment on the game:

Italy: ouch! Your stab on me was excellent, but wow did fortunes turn. Everybody is after a piece of the pie. Ces la vie.
Russia - you have created a straight line wall of white death running north to south....nice.
France - has done just the same - between you and Russia, the game board looks like the trash compactor from Star Wars with Italy and Germany getting squashed like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

See you guys again at the end.

Archduke Jason
DC112 Austria

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 07:06:31 -0800
From: coryfucius(at)yahoo.com
Subject: DC112 fall 1906 results
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.ExternalClass DIV {;} Fall 1906 arrives, and the 4-way draw proposal is voted down. We also say goodbye this year to Archduke Jason, whose final order did manage to bounce Italy from Trieste. Jason, thanks for sticking with the game!

Italy finds itself under attack from all sides, and suffers a forced disband in Vienna, as well as a retreat from Western Med. Brian, your fleet may retreat to Gulf of Lyon, Tyrrhenian Sea, or OTB.

For winter 1906, Germany and Russia are entitled to 1 build each. Italy may build 1 if he retreats OTB. Both the retreat and build orders will be due Tuesday 11/13 at 3pm Central (US). I will announce the retreat order before then if I receive it ahead of the deadline.


Fall 1906 results:

A Albania - Trieste (*Bounce*)

A Belgium Hold
A Burgundy Hold
F English Channel - North Sea
A Gascony - North Africa
A Marseilles Hold
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Convoys A Gascony - North Africa
F North Africa - Western Mediterranean
F Spain(sc) Supports F North Africa - Western Mediterranean

A Berlin Hold
A Bohemia - Vienna
F Denmark Hold
A Holland Hold
A Silesia - Bohemia
A Tyrolia Supports A Bohemia - Vienna

F Greece - Bulgaria(sc) (*Fails*)
A Piedmont Hold
A Serbia Supports A Trieste - Budapest
A Trieste - Budapest (*Fails*)
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Tunis
A Venice - Trieste (*Bounce*)
A Vienna Supports A Trieste - Budapest (*Disbanded*)
F Western Mediterranean Hold (*Dislodged*)

F Baltic Sea Supports A Prussia
A Budapest Supports A Bohemia - Vienna (*Cut*)
F Bulgaria(ec) Supports A Rumania (*Cut*)
A Constantinople Supports F Bulgaria(ec)
A Galicia Supports A Budapest
F Norway Hold
A Prussia Hold
A Rumania Supports F Bulgaria(ec)
A Smyrna Hold
A Sweden Hold
A Warsaw Supports A Galicia

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