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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Hi all,
I believe we have the min 7 for this Sat Dec 1, 10am Pacific (1pm
Eastern / 6pm GMT). Can I get confirmation of who's in?

Also be sure to add poobaloo to your Yahoo Messenger. I won't consider
you in until I get an IM from you so I can add you to mine.

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Subject: Player list LIVE

Player list for LIVE

ID : slikrik66
Ctry : _Unassigned 1
Name : Jon Kudlick
Email: jkudlick(at)gmail.com

ID : landru428
Ctry : _Unassigned 2
Name : Andrew Cassese
Email: landru428(at)aol.com

ID : Andrei
Ctry : _Unassigned 3
Name : Andrei Patrascu
Email: yubuusro(at)yahoo.com

ID : felix388
Ctry : _Unassigned 4
Name : Felix KamChung
Email: felixkamchung(at)mac.com

ID : The_Gentleman
Ctry : _Unassigned 5
Name : Alexander Schmidt
Email: wecanworkthisout(at)yahoo.com

ID : rommel21cw
Ctry : _Unassigned 6
Name : Daniel Conroy
Email: Rommel21cw(at)Gmail.com

ID : bambino
Ctry : _Unassigned 7
Name : Adam Barela
Email: cctaco43(at)unm.edu

ID : former.trout
Ctry : _Unassigned 8
Name : Former Trout
Email: former.trout(at)gmail.com

ID : ameias
Ctry : _Unassigned 9
Name : Alvaro pinto
Email: agpinto2(at)gmail.com

Player address string:
jkudlick(at)gmail.com; landru428(at)aol.com; yubuusro(at)yahoo.com;
felixkamchung(at)mac.com; wecanworkthisout(at)yahoo.com; Rommel21cw(at)Gmail.com;
cctaco43(at)unm.edu; former.trout(at)gmail.com; agpinto2(at)gmail.com;

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