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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Well it has come to an end, after a marathon of nearly 8 hours, the
troops finally called it a 5-way draw.

Attached is the random string of who controlled (and was going to
control) Italy in each round. Simple list, numbers 1-6 represent

A few changes for next time:

- Make absolutely sure we have 7 confirmed. This time we have 5
confirmed and a slew of maybes... well the 5 arrived ready for battle
and most of the maybe's didn't.

- Make the first 2 rounds (at least all of 01, maybe 02 too) 20 min
turns. There is just too much going on at that early stage, and it was
really hectic. More time would have let the game settle nicely.

Other than that, I was happy w the time controls of 15 min per turn,
with 5 min for builds & retreats. Also was pleased w the mechanism of
posting a map for all to refresh.

Any suggestions for next time are definitely welcome, we can put a game
up on the list? What do you think -- late November? Mid-December?

Attached is the RP file for any who want to play it back, as well the
final map image and random selector for Italy.

Final Standings:
Austria: 8 Draw
England: 10 Draw
France: 5 Draw
Russia: 4 Draw
Turkey: 7 Draw
Germany: 0 Eliminated, fall '04.

Thanks to all who played, the new and the old alike, it made for a great

EOG's are welcome,

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