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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Hey everyone - we've got ourselves 12 (TWELVE!) signed up for a LIVE
game... We're talkin' double digits here, and not 10... not even 11
but.. yes TWELVE players signed up!

So what are y'all thinkin?

I will run a live game if we have 7 or more definite commits for a
particular day.

7, we run a standard.
8, we run Ancient World.
9, we run 1600

(if curious, see the variants in www.dipwiki.com)

I wont run one with less than 7 definites. Been there, done that.

Pls don't reply w "I'd play if nobody else can"... either you're up for
it or you're not!

So days... What do you think? This weekend? Next weekend? After that?

Early morning Pacific US starts are good for me... like 8am on a
Saturday. For one, it gets me out of bed instead of sluffing off. For
two, that's 11am on the east coast, easily reachable, and in Europe,
that's anywhere from noon to 3pm - all good starts!

So let's get some talk going here...

I'll propose a couple days:

Saturday vs Sunday? Personally I'd prefer Saturdays.
Saturday 1/26 - who would want to be in?

If you're "IN"... then add ME (aka Poobaloo) to your Yahoo Instant
Messenger. That's key. If you ping me via Yahoo, then I know you've
done this and you're able to communicate via Yahoo.

In the words of the Iron Chef, let's "Get it on!"

PS... Mikael, cc'ing you as this is your oppor to play 1600 if you can
convince 8 others to jump into a 1600 variant for a live game! 1600
looks so FUN...

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From: feedback(at)diplomaticcorp.com [mailto:feedback(at)diplomaticcorp.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 8:35 PM
To: Michael Sims; Michael Sims; stevelytton(at)hotmail.com;
Subject: Player list LIVE

Player list for LIVE

ID : slikrik66
Ctry : _Unassigned 1
Name : Jon Kudlick
Email: jkudlick(at)gmail.com

ID : landru428
Ctry : _Unassigned 2
Name : Andrew Cassese
Email: landru428(at)aol.com

ID : Andrei
Ctry : _Unassigned 3
Name : Andrei Patrascu
Email: yubuusro(at)yahoo.com

ID : psychosis1973
Ctry : _Unassigned 4
Name : Michael Thompson
Email: psychosis(at)sky.com

ID : The_Gentleman
Ctry : _Unassigned 5
Name : Alexander Schmidt
Email: wecanworkthisout(at)yahoo.com

ID : former.trout
Ctry : _Unassigned 6
Name : Former Trout
Email: former.trout(at)gmail.com

ID : jadawin1998
Ctry : _Unassigned 7
Name : Manuel Salzmann
Email: Jadawin1998(at)hotmail.com

ID : Infinitedice
Ctry : _Unassigned 8
Name : Mike Roberts
Email: smaugsfire(at)hotmail.com

ID : dbelevan
Ctry : _Unassigned 9
Name : Diego Belevan
Email: dbelevant(at)yahoo.com

ID : Vonlush
Ctry : _Unassigned 10
Name : Alex Truman
Email: a_manley(at)sbcglobal.net

ID : mazetas
Ctry : _Unassigned 11
Name : dimitris autos
Email: mhrwtaspolla(at)yahoo.gr

ID : JamesUK
Ctry : _Unassigned 12
Name : James Buffham
Email: J_buffham(at)hotmail.co.uk

Player address string:
jkudlick(at)gmail.com; landru428(at)aol.com; yubuusro(at)yahoo.com;
psychosis(at)sky.com; wecanworkthisout(at)yahoo.com; former.trout(at)gmail.com;
Jadawin1998(at)hotmail.com; smaugsfire(at)hotmail.com; dbelevant(at)yahoo.com;
a_manley(at)sbcglobal.net; mhrwtaspolla(at)yahoo.gr; J_buffham(at)hotmail.co.uk;

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