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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Good idea to check to make sure you have Yahoo Chat! installed. I just had to update my Yahoo Messenger to the latest version...


On 10/14/07, Michael Sims <mike(at)southwall.com ([email]mike(at)southwall.com[/email])> wrote:

Greetings folks!

You are all signed up to play in the first DC LIVE Game... Hopefully
it's a great success, and we'll run one every other month or so, or
based on whatever demand there is. This is a pilot game, not done

We now have the minimum quintet to launch a game... 5 players. That's
sufficient for an Ancient Med game, so pending 5 confirmations, the game
is definitely a GO. If we get 2 more, we'll run Standard, more than
that we can flip it to a Modern, just depends who signs up in the next

Please get back to me, and verify that...

1) You have a Yahoo ID. We're going to play the game in a Yahoo Chat
Room, so you'll need to be on Yahoo to do this.

2) Go to Yahoo Chat, and make sure you have the ability to join rooms.
Please verify this ahead of time! We don't want to get to gametime and
be troubleshooting people's Yahoo issues at the gamestart. We'll open
up a private chat room, all 6 join, and that's where we can talk as a
group. Results will also post there. Then since you have everyone's
Yahoo ID, you can pull up Messenger and IM away for negotiations.

3) Add me, Poobaloo, to your IM. Once I get all the Yahoo ID's for ppl
in here added, I'll send out a list and you can add each other.

4) Confirm that the time is okay for you, and what time zone you're
in... I'm in Pacific US time, which is GMT -7. The time is currently
set at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern on Saturday 10/20. Does that work for

5) Arrival. Please arrive 15 min early, again to verify all is good and
communication lines are open, so we can start right on time.

General info...

Two of you are old farts and know me from many games. The other three
are new faces, and you should know that I'm a stickler for deadlines,
and so I hope to run the game to a pretty tight schedule -- so we can
all get in, play, and get out. Delays in a game like this leave people
sitting at their computer twiddling their thumbs, so hopefully it will
all go smooth.

Ideas, discussion: We have a thread opened up in the variant forum for
any suggestions you may have by next Saturday. You can post directly by
mailing to variants(at)diplomaticcorp.com ([email]variants(at)diplomaticcorp.com[/email]).


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Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 11:11 AM
To: Michael Sims; mike-at-diplomaticcorp.com; stevelytton-at-hotmail.com
Subject: Player list LIVE

Player list for LIVE

ID : jadawin1998
Ctry : _Unassigned 1
Name : Manuel Salzmann
Email: Jadawin1998-at-hotmail.com

ID : landru428
Ctry : _Unassigned 2
Name : Andrew Cassese
Email: landru428-at-aol.com

ID : slikrik66
Ctry : _Unassigned 3
Name : Jon Kudlick
Email: jkudlick-at-gmail.com

ID : copcaramilk
Ctry : _Unassigned 4
Name : Charles Parent
Email: charles.parent-at-caramail.com

ID : former.trout
Ctry : _Unassigned 5
Name : Former Trout
Email: former.trout-at-gmail.com

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