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Posted:Apr 05, 2010 at 12:32 pm
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Autumn 1905: German F North Sea retreats to Yorkshire.
1905 has been a year of heavy terrain losses for Germany who lost Munich and Belgium. The Russians are pushing the German army to go west, entering the French domain.
Meanwhile England is successfully fighting back the Germans on the seas. Will this be the turnaround for the Germans who were so successful earlier?
Italy has moved further west and closer to France but France hasn't been sitting idle either, taking control of Belgium.
England:    Supp   2 Unit   3   Remove  1
France:      Supp   6 Unit   5   Build  1
Germany:   Supp   4 Unit   6   Remove  2
Italy:          Supp   6 Unit   5   Build  1
Russia:      Supp 15 Unit 13   Build  2
Turkey:      Supp   1 Unit   2   Remove  1

End Game Proposal - Russian Solo - is up for voting with Winter adjustments.
Only if I receive all YES votes is the EGP accepted. Any NO vote or missing vote will reject the EGP.

Deadline for EGP and Winter adjustments is Wednesday, April 7 at 17:00 GMT.

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DC300 - Autumn 1905 & EGP (bielf11) Apr 05, 12:32 pm

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