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(Magnificent Megalomania)

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Posted:Apr 07, 2010 at 2:33 pm
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You all received an EGP from Dirk for another Russian Solo.
This EGP will be up for voting after the next adjudication, i.e. with Summer or Fall 1906 orders.
You can always propose EGPs conditionally if you don't want to have to wait another turn for the next EGP vote.
Any votes that I received since the EGP was proposed will be counted towards the next voting.
IMPORTANT: some GMs rule that EGPs can be proposed without a vote HOWEVER that's not how it works with my games.
Anyone that proposes an EGP, automatically, that is by default, votes IN FAVOR OF the EGP. Therefor if someone wants to propose an EGP but wants to vote against it for whatever reason, he needs to make that NAY vote explicit.

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DC300 - EGP (bielf11) Apr 07, 02:33 pm

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