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Posted:Apr 15, 2010 at 1:58 pm
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Fall 1906: the year that has been dubbed the Year of Truth.
After a huge number of envoys visited the Powers remaining the endgame proposal for a Russian Solo has been REJECTED again.
The leaders of the Powers are at a loss: how come that the EGP was rejected while all had spoken out in favor of the EGP?!
France chose to Hold all his units much to the benefit of Germany and Italy, who overtook no less than 2 SCs this Fall.
Russia performed an act of charity and supported the last remaining Turkish unit back into a safe harbour while also holding the majority of its units.
England, with only 2 units, avoided any losses by blocking the German attack on Edinburgh.
There are 3 retreats for this Autumn (all by France).
See below.
F London Hold
F North Sea - Edinburgh (*Bounce*)
F English Channel Hold
A Paris Hold
A Picardy Hold (*Dislodged*)
F Spain(sc) Hold (*Dislodged*)
F Tunis Hold (*Dislodged*)

A Belgium Supports A Burgundy - Picardy
A Burgundy - Picardy
A Ruhr - Holland
F Yorkshire - Edinburgh (*Bounce*)
A Greece Hold
F Marseilles Supports F Western Mediterranean - Spain(sc)
F North Africa Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea - Tunis
A Piedmont Supports F Marseilles
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Tunis
F Western Mediterranean - Spain(sc)

A Armenia Supports F Eastern Mediterranean - Smyrna
F Baltic Sea - Kiel
A Berlin Supports F Baltic Sea - Kiel
A Bohemia Supports A Munich
A Bulgaria Hold
F Constantinople Hold
A Denmark Hold

F Irish Sea - English Channel (*Fails*)
A Moscow Hold
A Munich Supports A Burgundy (*Ordered to Move*)
F Norway Hold
A Prussia Hold
A Silesia Hold
F Smyrna - Aegean Sea
F Sweden Hold
F Eastern Mediterranean - Smyrna
French A Picardy can retreat to Brest. Or OTB.
French F Spain(sc) can retreat to Mid-Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Lyon or Portugal. Or OTB.
French F Tunis can retreat to Ionian Sea or Western Mediterranean. Or OTB.

However, the retreats of France are not relevant for the outcome of the game since Russia will achieve 18 SCs this Winter, thus ending the game. The retreats don't matter for France's or anyone else's survival either.

End of Game
Russia has Solo'd with 18 SCs ending the game. All others have Survived, except for Austria who went into CD earlier and then was eliminated.
I would like to thank you all for playing and making this exciting until the last turn. I also like to thank the players for sharing their thoughts with me throughout the game; it spices up the game for the GM as usually one has to miss out on all the interaction.

May I invite you all to write your Endgame comments? About your fun and grievances, your victories and your defeats, your GM and the players, about the missing pieces to the puzzle. I love to read those.
Ownership of SCs at the end of the game is as follows:
England:   Edinburgh, London.
France:     Brest, Paris, Portugal.
Germany:  Belgium, Holland.
Italy:         Greece, Marseilles, Naples, Rome, Spain, Trieste,
                Tunis, Venice.
Russia:     Ankara, Berlin, Budapest, Bulgaria, Constantinople,

                Denmark, Kiel, Liverpool, Moscow, Munich, Norway,
                Rumania, Serbia, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Sweden,
                Vienna, Warsaw.
Turkey:     Smyrna.
Austria:    Supp  0
England:   Supp  2
France:     Supp  3
Germany:  Supp  2
Italy:         Supp  8
Russia:     Supp 18
Turkey:     Supp  1

Stats will be calculated once I have uploaded the Endgame information.

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